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  1. He has a macro which accelerates him every 5ish seconds, so he won't end up in the afk zone to get reduced GC/hour. Also ignore the hungarian radio in the background gta_sa 2018-12-10 12-05-17-053.mp4
  2. Yinob

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    This map is not respawnable at this point, the truck bugged into the ground and I was stuck.
  3. Read back everything you've said on the server then talk.
  4. Yinob

    NissanGTR Fullblown racism

    Title and pictures speaks for themselves
  5. Yinob

    Mercedes insulting me and my mother

    Now he is low-key racist towards a french player
  6. Direct translation: Lionheart fucker (geci means sperm, but it's a curseword in hungarian) come into me Your whore mother
  7. Yinob

    Pictures of thyself

    Heres an onion quality picture of me. Welcome to amish paradise baby
  8. It's either bugged, or just not working properly. I can still see his messages. This is not a ban request, this is a post about a player who is actively ruining the server bit by bit.
  9. That what I'll do. Get more and more proof of your behaviour.
  10. Hey people of the MTA servers! My name is Richard (Yinob, or Lionheart in game), and in this topic, I'd like to talk about the "Kash effect" or "Kash experience" as I like to use these phrases for a good reason. I've been playing on these servers /mostly on Race/ for more than 2 years, I've seen people come and go, I've seen new faces, some of them good ones, some bad ones. Most of them were good ones, but there is one guy who is a big questionmark in my book, and it's Kash. He hasn't improved anything over these years in terms of politeness, good manners, and generally of not being a d*ckhead. We've all seen him being utterly racist, we've all seen him blocking a lot of times, and I think we can't fix this guy. He has been muted multiple occasions possibly banned (don't know this one for sure) and he showed zero to minimal improvement in his behaviour. I thought punishment was a good way to help a person get back on track, and in the meantime, he/she can think about changing the way he/she behaves, but it didn't happen to him. Now I'll make a list about why Kash is rotting the community from the inside (including, but not focusing on personal problems): He thinks he is some sort of superior being compared to others, which could very well hurt someone's feelings He constantly plays dirty, not even focusing on driving well, his priority is to ram/block/PIT maneuver anyone close to him He is fullblown racist towards EVERYBODY He is threatening other players, that "He has admin friends" which is a general fear factor in most of the players, who doesn't know him Players around him tastes bitterness, when he comes online, as a "boogeyman", the fun usually stops when he is around (this is a personal issue, but I've seen other people as well complaining about this) Once I stopped playing on this server for a longer period of time, because I couldn't handle the toxicity oozing out of this guy, and this can happen to anyone, because I think I can tolerate toxicity very well Now I'll come up with ideas to handle this situation: We need an admin to have a serious talk with him Possibly tag him with Blocker indefinitely Bigger and bigger punishment for multiple rulebreaking From now on, I'll have my recording software running always when I'm playing, so I can record all the things he does and post it here. For now, I just have these from today. It's not a rulebreaker, but I would be mad, if someone comes up with my mother, even if it's a joke. Will provide more later.