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    Ahahah ty flap! or flep? maybe flip
  2. Infernus handle

    Hello everybody , i've just found that this server has a problem while moving infernus in mid-air while flying , since i'm a DM player , when i play on other servers after a jump the infernus results more light and easy to handle , on this server it is a little bit more slow while doing that (like an heavy one car) , i mean to turn the car in the position you want . I can tell you this is 100% sure but idk why it's like this.. any help? If ywa can do something about this ^^ (By the way i don't know if it's like this only with infernus.. but i think yes because i've found the difference only on that car)
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    Ty /lol shield number2
  4. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Ty so much
  5. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Thank you ^^
  6. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Ye i mean , not a big increase just 2/3 more , anyway yes i find this right im ok with your opinion
  7. Pictures of thyself

  8. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Ye you are right
  9. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Hello guys , about the anti-bounce as a DM player i can say that the Anti-bounce is useless it doesn't work (trust me) i play on other servers that got it and it doesn't work , so :/ Btw i wanted to ask if it is possible to increase GC amount when you win , just a little , what you guys think?
  10. Mod abuser

    I was in game when he got muted.. and ste@m kept talking in his language so behemoth wanted him to speak english , rules says that if a mod/admin asks to talk english you should do that
  11. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Thank youu :*