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  1. POLL Superjump discussion

    I think the normal jump hight should be ajustable in the meta.xlm that way there is no need for a second jump script and no combining 2 jumps for a superjump which is kind of a glich also that jump has a timer on it.
  2. POLL Superjump discussion

    Bring back cargame. Problem fixed
  3. POLL Superjump discussion

    First deleting cargame and now superjump. Personally I prefer normal jump as its more fair and challenging but cutting all the variety from the game isnt the way to go in my opinion. one year from now we are only left with nts and 10 maps what is this FFS?
  4. POLL Superjump discussion

    The order have been given
  5. qReW Moderator Application

    good luck!
  6. 1. Your ingame name: DG/TwicH 2. Date of your ban: 7.1.2018 3. What game/server are you banned from: racemix 4. Who banned you (only if you know who): Stig 5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): avoiding away mode, whatever that means? 6. Reason why we should unban you: This ban has no justification whatsoever, Stig has a habit of kicking me for being afk which is abuse of admin privileges. Being afk isn't against the rules and even encouraged by the server to stay connected and make GreenCoins. I don't know Stig personally so my guess is that Stig is a bored admin that abuses his position just to have fun or he really hates seeing me online because he hates Israel, and I know this fact because Stig likes to start political discussions in the chat and that usually leads to players starting fights and insulting, which isn't the behavior I would expect from an admin. Thank you for reading and I expect compensation and Justice to be made. 8. If banned on MTA, post your IP (http://www.myipaddress.com/) and MTA serial, (start MTA -> press F8 -> type serial) 44161FA10C807B35887F2FD97708CAA1
  7. New horn suggestion thread

    All you suggest are insults, there are children playing on this server. (ง ͡° Д ͡° )ง
  8. New horn suggestion thread

    third horn: Why - you.mp3 @Cena
  9. New horn suggestion thread

    here are the two i already made
  10. MrGreen Youtube channel

    you're right.