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  1. Noam

    Witcher Moderator Application

    Good luck witchy🤗
  2. Noam

    Floor Generator [Editor Plugin]

    This is only usefull to make grids so if you wanted all your walls in some kind of a grid pattern like a maze for example it would be usefull. 😀
  3. Noam

    Floor Generator [Editor Plugin]

    Thank you! 😁
  4. Hello Mappers and shooter lovers today I'm here to present to you my first ever editor plugin. Tired of spending hours on creating ugly, flickery and uneven floors for your maps? I got the solution just for you: Floor Generator what does it do? It lets you create large, precise and even floors/object grids for your maps with the click of a button. it: saves you time is precise making large floors fast Where to Download? here: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15671 How to install? Put the .zip file in your resources folder. It can be found here: mta\server\mods\deathmatch\resources after that start your server and in the console write start floorgen How to Use? Enter how much objects you want length and width wise (I advise to not exceed 30x30 or 1000 objects per floor) Enter what space should be between each object length and width wise. Finally click your desired object in the editor and press the button "Select Object" then press "Go!" and your floor is created! don't like it? press "Undo" and that's about it. How to create a Shooter floor? In the editor select the object 6959 for example lets make our floor 5x5 now in width space and length space enter 41.3569 and 40.0003 how do I know these are the exact dimensions of the objects? I used this site: https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/model/6959-vegasNbball1/ lastly we click on our object (6959) press "Select Object" and then "Go" and we are done. Bonus edit: I also made five custom floors of different sizes that you might want: pro tip: don't replace useful objects like 6959 with custom objects because the original object might not load properly in other maps, instead replace unused objects. Download: ObjectLoad.zip
  5. Noam

    correct my points too while you're at it


  6. Noam

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    I calculated the points myself and found some errors: Kings of Mix vs Genesis results: Goldberg should have 2 points less and Dubstep 2 points more. Rising Phoenix vs Genesis results: Nacho should have 0 points and I should have 3 points more.
  7. Noam


    Good luck to you big guy
  8. Noam

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Adding ctf to this would be very interesting i think
  9. Noam

    POLL Superjump discussion

    I think the normal jump hight should be ajustable in the meta.xlm that way there is no need for a second jump script and no combining 2 jumps for a superjump which is kind of a glich also that jump has a timer on it.
  10. Noam

    POLL Superjump discussion

    Bring back cargame. Problem fixed
  11. Noam

    POLL Superjump discussion

    First deleting cargame and now superjump. Personally I prefer normal jump as its more fair and challenging but cutting all the variety from the game isnt the way to go in my opinion. one year from now we are only left with nts and 10 maps what is this FFS?
  12. Noam

    POLL Superjump discussion

    The order have been given
  13. Noam

    qReW Moderator Application

    good luck!