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    Noam reacted to r0cK for a status update, I'm sorry @Ywa the server just lost my sympathy due to the lack of one or more incomp   
    I'm sorry @Ywa the server just lost my sympathy due to the lack of one or more incompatible admin and admin decisions. Intimidating, racism, nepotism, invulnerability are only a few words I link with one or two of your incompetent corrupt admins. Therefore I decided to stop funding the Mrgreen community. I have never been a troublemaker, liked by many players and yet I'm being treated like a piece of shit by some of your incompetent admins. Open your eyes and remove the right admin from the team. Hated by many players, he pushed me to cross my borders. Powerhungry by the admin commands he has,  feeling like a king ingame, probably failing at real life. The admin reading this knows I'm talking about him. YWA I hope you keep running the server but my financial donations are done for now. And I'm sorry for all the people I also donated for. If something will change in the future I'll continue donating but for now I'm completely done. This was my story, amen.