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  1. assntits

    Show your desktop background!

    Xiaomi najlepsze
  2. Yea but its kinda confusing, on one map there are nametags and on another there are no, so go one way or another, delete from all maps or leave nametags on all maps.
  3. Wait what? u actually make no-names in map on purpose? Always thought its a bug. What a useless idea, delete them lol
  4. assntits


    Nice, what is clan tag? don't have installed MTA and am curious
  5. assntits

    GreenCoins lottery #3

    Why double the amount of greencoins and not like that the winner takes everything, the total amount from donations? It would attract more people imo Also what is the smallest amount I can donate?
  6. assntits

    ~Gemini_Uranus Map Assistant Aplication

    Lool Gemini is fap Anthony Vz? Really u hided well but gooood luuuuck Anthony!!
  7. assntits

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    Oh nice, event Map SH: Ma nigga ma nigga Seems like everyone forgot about that map
  8. assntits

    In-game radio bug

    hmmmm I have the same, u can try turning off custom music permamently in settings if u don't want it, maybe that will fix it
  9. assntits

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    KoM hackers
  10. assntits

    Akeno Admin Application

    Liked what u said at the end. U are really a pro SH killer. Good luck Akeno
  11. assntits

    Rate the song above you!

    7 stop kmz noobs!!11
  12. assntits

    New reaction types

    And a counter one "sad" emoticon with tear (crying) like on fb
  13. assntits

    New reaction types

    or for most of the @Florin posts
  14. assntits

    Rate the song above you!

  15. assntits

    Rate the song above you!