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  1. assntitties

    Problem with mapupload

    i had the same issue like a week ago, nts vehicle option didnt appear in checkpoint properties even though i had the plugin installed. I fixed it by removing mrgreen plugin and replacing with orginal edf file. ran server once without plugin and then installed mrgreen plugin and replaced edf file once again. Then it worked normally.
  2. assntitties

    Problem with mapupload

    did u replace race.edf?
  3. assntitties

    DD Tournament.

  4. assntitties


    not last at least
  5. assntitties

    SH tournament

    dupa123 any map
  6. assntitties

    Any ideas?

  7. assntitties

    Just take care

  8. assntitties

    Please Take Care of About Them

    I can confirm this, Panzer is constantly wanting to mute some other turks because they say some slighty offensive words on chat. That being said he is not even involved he just want moderators to mute other players because he says so. But when he gets warned for being annoying he gets mad on us for not doing our job and starts being provocative. Then he gets mute and gets surprised. Panzer use some fucking common sense and stop being an idiot. Sorry for harsh words but he really can't understand.
  9. assntitties

    Please Take Care of About Them

    We are the Moderators and we decided that u deserved that mute. what else do u want? I hope u are happy now
  10. assntitties

    Please Take Care of About Them

    What are u trying to say? It doesnt make sense. You crop few messages out of context and only these after u already got muted. I gave u warning even yesterday that u was racist toward kurdish people (1minute mute) but seems like u don't understand and today u continue to being annyoing on server and provoke people so u got longer mute. Its simple as that.
  11. assntitties

    Map Event

    [SH] gk only
  12. Yes i remember Demolition Derby from FO2, its a great game. But i don't think it could be implemented in MTA as the engine plays huge role in how cars behave as u can't really script that at all. In San Andreas it looks very poor compared to FlatOut where crashing into each other is very effective and is also fun while in SA it looks more like 2 child crashing into each other in shopping carts and is not really fun. But the idea is good, maybe new gamemode where main goal is to eliminate other racers while racing to the finish. With no respawns and ppl should be rewarded for dealing damage to others more than finishing the race, because it would be just another race mode. It would of course require specific maps and a lot of scripting, give vehicles more durabilty because they seem to be made of out carton and get destroyed too easily, and whatnot.
  13. assntitties


    Will the discord badge be named: MrGreen Official Farter Number 1 ? If somehow i get on the top3 willl i receive any gcs? Cena pls How are points counted? First 3/5 finishers get points or everyone who finish? EDIT: MAP: ThroughSnap I PAID GC
  14. assntitties

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    @AKEN0 I dont call u by gamemodes, i dont care what u play. It was a videogame quote reference. But if u are so pro, why didn't u win alone 1v5 instead of crying and having butthurt now.
  15. assntitties

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    Let akeno have his fun, let him play his childish little sh games with his friends and just wait for the right moment to swoop in and take it all.
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