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  1. Rate the song above you!

  2. i muted for no reason

    @mAs4TeR P0L is that you?
  3. Race mix = race SH?

    SH is best and the worst mode at the same time. Bcs it require some skill and reflex to do good mid air kills, but on the other hand its paradise for all runners, laggers and noobs who can kill only by kmzing u with full speed or geekers who just wait on ground for player to fall and then kill. Maps with big jump allows to avoid all these annoying players but then it gets overused for camping in air and taking advantage from being higher in air more time. Thats annoying also and it need rework (eg. Eliminate possibility to jump much higher) big jump itself ain't bad.
  4. My wedding

    Whatafuq?! I identify my sexually as cheerios cornflake
  5. Haze's Moderator Application

    good luck Haze! you deserve it : D
  6. WTFAP u in cnt now nooooooooooooooooooo

    1. AssNtitties


      omfg, its not me, its a poser faker!!

      i always in fap, fap always in my heart:wub:

    2. TheMoose


      ok i believe you :)

      i can sleep well now

  7. NowUnBanMEEE!!!Mo§hit!!!

    Can u send me this dude? Just for science purposes @Glooz_dz
  8. PeGuX moderator RaceMix

    Mine is #00ff00
  9. My wedding

  10. My wedding

    delete this liar
  11. Maximum PING (MIX)

    No way lol, it should be lowered to 100 minimum cuz the brazilians and other already have too big lag advantage on shooter
  12. Cheater

  13. Admin

    Your profile pic doesnt work! How much time i need to wait to see it... : P Eh u changed it, joke rip
  14. Crazy insults...must be perma banned...

    Why we need eggs? You want Omlette?
  15. Server Lagging/Multiple Network Trouble

    Not close because server never stopped lagging ><