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  1. Rate the song above you!

  2. GUI being dont well displayed

    My cheap lenovo from china has the same as yours Iphone lol thats a standard
  3. Screenshot + Video Thread

    Lol wtf! Add me too o.O
  4. Haze's Admin Application

    Good luck lul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. POLL Superjump discussion

    Just give limit for super jump, like 5 seconds and remove limit for normal low jump. That will fix it. On others servers there is no limit for jump in SH, also it sometimes gets laggy on the server and u cant jump or jump with delay while super jump that has no limit works perfectly all the time...
  6. POLL Superjump discussion

    There are few maps that are 100% luck, just a straight track, few cps and nothing else
  7. DubStep's Moderator Application

    No need good luck, You will be accepted
  8. qReW Moderator Application

    GOOD LUCK ILYAS!! You will be the best mod as u are very great map maker and player! (Also waiting for that 4million $ from you on EPG
  9. Screenshot + Video Thread

    idk how that happened
  10. Which country are you from?

    kurwa republic
  11. f'ed up with paintjobs

    yea i think 10% would be fair, not more, loss of 150gc isnt much
  12. f'ed up with paintjobs

    Make option to sell horns! Thats what we need more than some stupid thing with pjs (im too fkin poor to afford more than one)

    That nigga is you! Merry chrismtas^^
  14. Who removed the F*ck My A** horn?

    i knew that will happen 1500 GC for me... yay
  15. Huug!


    1. Gonzalezo
    2. AsSnTittieS


      mmmm.. who are u?

      and what are these weird ass messages??


      what ur motherBoarD model!!&n°....?

      Dnt run on winrar! unzipit!&run on new folder!

      &§ave compresseD!"