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  1. assntitties

    high jump issue

    it was always like that? Primary normal jump: right click/ctrl and super jump on shift. press both around same time for much higher jump
  2. assntitties

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Just kick yourself and Let's goooooo
  3. assntitties

    MTA Christmas event!

    Race - A great adventure Mix - [CTF] Sedans by Gregiv ❤️ @Forzet
  4. assntitties

    Mix/Race tournament #1

  5. assntitties

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    How so? You gonna change the gamemode so more ppl can collect the flag? Also imo point system should be different. No such huge gap between places. Instead 5,3,1 > 5,4,3,2,1 (let more ppl score from each game mode as well) or maybe even 10,9,8...1 if all 10 will play at the same time.
  6. assntitties


    good luck LOL
  7. assntitties

    Blocked Nickname

  8. Pour a glass and bite my tongue. You say i am the only one. If you sure then why you run?

  9. I dont know why it appeared on my YT but #deleteForklift (and dozer too)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. assntitties


      Maybe, but its a proof that forklifts ruins peoples lifes

    3. Gonzalezo


      If someone is idiot and drive like kid then it happens 

    4. AnthonyVazquez
  10. assntitties

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Good luck Mr. Bond 😉
  11. assntitties

    Perk idea: JUMP

    hmm jump in nts, i dont think it would be useful at all, maybe if u flip ur car upside down. So I would rather see 'flip' perk instead. Whenever u flip upside down u can once get ur vehicle "back on wheels" happens a lot with tractors and other crappy cars, i dont think it would do any harm and it wont give really any advantage against other players.
  12. assntitties

    bug team members

    + Can we have atleast any update if it's even going to be fixed? @Ywa
  13. assntitties

    Excessive SH buying

    Fully agree with Anthony Sh is being bought way too much. And sh itself is not a problem but crappy super jump script is, almost all maps that are being bought are all the same and all games are just a caos during first minute untill everyone is dead but 2-3 guys who will keep jumping for the rest of 4 minutes remaining trying to kill each other or waiting for others to die. (x3 that) Dont get me wrong, i myself like SH and its my favourite gamemode, but it got very repetive and boring recently because of the super jump. (and players too mostly play very repetetive as well) SH is not competetive any more, its just mess. Its like eating chocolate, its all good untill u eat too much and u vomit then eventually get sick. get my point? problem is the lenght of sh matches, they very often lasts 5min. in my opinion from 90% of maps script should be removed, u still can add jump markers and that stuff, maps would be more creative and strategic, like it used to be, now its caotic and big mess. Still sh script have to be redesigned in my opinion, why do we have no cooldown for super jump and u need wait for normal one (cmon its just one value to change in notepad...) People who wait to play other gamemodes than SH have to wait a lot and they lost interest in playing. Players who can play only super jump maps dont usually bother to play other gamemodes so they dont mind jumping for freaking 15min in row. and then from that 15mins it becomes 1 hour because always someone buy another super jump map which is exactly the same but slighty different textures. We need changes or whole playerbase will consist of only wannabe superman jump players. Its a MIX server, not goddamn sh server...
  14. assntitties

    Newbie here!

    buy dd frog
  15. assntitties

    Share your paintjobs :)

    polish and turkish police cars (made by me lol)