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  1. eL_AsS

    Shooter Sunday

    My donation is cancelled as im banned. GG
  2. eL_AsS

    Shooter Sunday

    Oh u already signed me. But i wanted to add 5k gc from my pocket to the winner. Because the rewards are poor so far :d
  3. eL_AsS

    Shooter Sunday

    Ass, tf is difference between super and mega jump?
  4. eL_AsS

    Rate the song above you!

  5. eL_AsS

    Screenshot + Video Thread

  6. Dziny already number 1 best mapper of all time on MIX. Only a matter of time when he conquest the race server with his maps too
  7. eL_AsS

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    Not defending anyone. But this is the case with about 20℅ of players, beside indians its mostly turkish players. Its more about unstable connection than having very high ping. So players with less than 100 ping have same special powers. Idk how u try to eliminate that, but i didnt notice a change in that matter since i started play here. Already got used to it lol
  8. eL_AsS

    me bugged all time

    ban wall
  9. eL_AsS

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    @Forzet@KneeLzy@Civan pro unofficial race tournament
  10. eL_AsS

    We need a new rule on mix server.

    It not works fine when there is markers that launch u to the other end of map :d fix cena!
  11. eL_AsS

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    quality time in chicken oof
  12. eL_AsS

    Sky again insulting me.

    Where is the insult? Sky has rerolled his faggio to ur anus?;P
  13. eL_AsS

    Can't join the server

    No, but it seems like u need to wait untill the map (nts) is finished and new mode starts, then u will be able to join. It happens once every while to me also.
  14. eL_AsS

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    Aos 1 Aos 2 Aos 3 Aos 4 Aos 5. u got it.
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