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  1. Bring

    Kash racism, toxic

    Your ingame name: Bring The player's name who you are reporting: Kash Which server are you requesting this?: Mr. Green-race The reason why this player should get banned: he only being toxic and racist.
  2. Bring

    Blocker Bring

    Why u dont show what are u doing? Example in 3rd video u blocked me 10 secs ago, why you don't show it ?
  3. Bring

    repeated insults

    Yes, i'm hungarian, and he said: "smelly bitch,motherfucker let him die " second PM: "make your family cancer you dog" .
  4. Bring

    blocker miller

    I dont understand you when you blocked me in this map 1 min ago when i said "..." it was not trouble, but when you are blocked or push it already trouble? Nice mentality.
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