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  1. Witcher


  2. Witcher

    VIP system!

    10% on everything and will be ok
  3. Witcher

    VIP system!

    Vip could get more green coins per hour by 50% hehe 100/150 or the cost of buying maps by 20/30% You can also give eg 10% discount on everything there is nothing else but green coins for winning the map at least for me
  4. Witcher

    VIP system!

    yea XDD
  5. Witcher

    VIP system!

    6euros = 30pln
  6. Witcher

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Wow 50% NTS Gg
  7. Witcher

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    after the problem on dd I did not know from the race to the next tournament XDDDD.
  8. Witcher

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Group 6 aaaaa
  9. Witcher

    Moderator Application

    who you are, I do not know you
  10. Witcher

    Mix/Race tournament #1

  11. Witcher

    Sandro Moderator Application

    Good Luck
  12. Witcher

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Create group 6 awawawa
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