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  1. BoNd


    I don't need to prove anything and its not funny.
  2. BoNd


    How many time do i have to tell u that not to insult. first you blocked me with dozer and when i give you the blocker mod u insulted me. You need to get your brain checked kebab... We all know how innocent you are by your previous reports and shitty behaviour towards every player.
  3. BoNd

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Sometimes promotion does not come by itself you have to apply for them. BTW THANKS ...
  4. BoNd

    Moderator Application

  5. BoNd

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Thanks maddie 😁
  6. BoNd

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Ok zullolo thanks
  7. BoNd

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Hehe ty shadowi wadowiii dawoiiii