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  1. ddffgg3

    My Nick is stolen/locked

    Ok i just found the problem, i was not log in Seems that log in is no more automatic for me.... Thanks me
  2. ddffgg3

    My Nick is stolen/locked

    Hey guys, About one year ago or more, someone stole my name, then i discovered Locked Nicks, nice, so I locked my new name: ddffgg3 Yesterday 16/08/18 : there was no problem. Today 17/08/18 : This name is protect ....heu.... yes by me ?!?! no ? checking Names Locks : 0 names locks And all my green coins desapear... Nice, plz help
  3. ok: ingame name is also ddffgg3
  4. Ok ty I will reduce name and description. I cant found you, you play mostly mix server ?
  5. ty for your response, team name: [FR] FRANCE Can you create it for me ?
  6. Hello, In fact same thing happen to me, I pay 2500 GC, and nothing happen... I can pay another 2500 GC nothing again... How i can create my team ? Now I am out of green coin... TY
  7. ddffgg3

    Unlock my name ddffgg3 plz

    ddffgg33 is unlock but not ddffgg3 , but i dont mind ... TY
  8. ddffgg3

    Unlock my name ddffgg3 plz

    Hi, Someone report me for blocking in video, about 1 month ago Someone lock my name ddffgg3 i'm wise now, plz unlock... (+ I would like to know how put name name in color in game)