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  1. tehslim

    2 years, nothing has changed

    ps: i was muted by him for insult while i was typing these (like i fucking care), let's see what warning he gets (he won't get any, no surprise) --- kash blocks = zzz... kash speaks polish in general chat = zzz... kash speaks racist = zzz... when i block him in counter = *in 5 seconds* you have been marked as a blocker by hardballsuckerz (note that he is polish also) (no mark to kash) literally he is watching me and waiting me to lose my cool and block in reply to his blocks, then immediately marks as a blocker. like a trap when i confront kash, his response = "send video proof" (like i'm recording like a psych), "i'm not blocking, ramming is allowed" (like he is fucking deciding if it's blocking or ramming, this shit is pure comedy for me, i'm enjoying it) when i tell him to do the same = "i don't need video proof" (yeah he doesn't, because he holds all power within his stupid corrupt mod friends) yeah, i didn't really have hope or someshit look at the people who you give authority to, a1 english at most. fucking disgrace. note: i don't have screens of earlier talk, i hope he has taken screenshots as he told me i really want them there too conclusion: 90% of your mods, etc. are dogshit, retards, and racists. if i get treated like this, i also hold rights to insult your stupid mods. if rules only apply to certain people then there are no rules for me. i don't give a shit. bonus (out of context): earlier today A MOD warned some people to not speak languages other than english in main chat and all kash did was laugh at it. I KNOW THIS WON'T CHANGE SHIT BUT I'M POSTING IT HERE SO PEOPLE CAN SEE NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN 2 YEARS SINCE MY LAST POSTS ON THIS FORUM
  2. tehslim

    Mix/Race map event #3

    okan race-dd feeling
  3. tehslim

    blocker enix

    this video only contains the parts i managed to capture, there's a lot more. let's see if he escapes with only "1 hour" mark again
  4. tehslim

    Toptimes displayed/register

    i've seen him before and can confirm that he is already registered
  5. posting this because he is really triggered by me reporting him here earlier, so i will do it again wonder what's next, i think i will get muted by him next time because of reason: because i wanted to abusing powers and trying to show off by typing "report section is always open son" interesting words from a 19 year old skinny boy. i wonder what excuse you will find now to justify his actions this is getting funnier and funnier, lmao a simple example why you don't give authority to a random no namer from bahrain update: he just blocked dogan and this is what happened how immature is this kid, jesus
  6. tehslim

    [sga]jumper cheating

    he is already banned but putting this up just because Abrahax requested for it
  7. tehslim

    haxardous and random blocker

    you think i didn't try being nice? unfortunately being nice doesn't work around mrgreengaming. i get your points, you know i get them too. but not everyone is on the same iq level. when you can't explain something to a "person", (i wouldn't even call them person because they just have brains, they don't use it) you have to use this kind of language. it's a little disappointing but i can cope with it and have no problem. but you're missing crucial points by just saying blabla toxic this and toxic that. this shit is not that simple i'm afraid. this is not all about blocking issues, this is about mods not doing their jobs, not preventing toxicity etc. and the blockings i'm talking about are not racing incidents, i don't give a fuck if i can't overtake someone, i quiet enjoy close quarter battles and i'm okay with it. but these people are deliberately slowing down and blocking you, because they know people like you will say "ahh it's just a racing incident, nothing new, just move on" it's not instinctive, they do it on purpose. i don't even think i need to elaborate on the topic about insulting and racism around this server, you can experience by yourself in game. so, THOSE people in this community are making other people toxic, i'm not a toxic person for everyone. i could just say "fuck you cby, fuck your opinions you hungarian bs kid" but i actually care about your response and try to evaluate it. i behave according to the person i encounter. i try being nice, but if it doesn't work i will retaliate and i don't care a bit. look at you, not even a admin/mod, giving your opinion about this major issue (i accept all feedback) but i see cena just giving a reaction to your comment, not even bothering replying or trying to solve the issue. because he doesn't care. they all don't care. when these issues occur to them they will just use their powers and solve it for themselves. you NEED to do it for community aswell. if you are a mod, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to look at these issues. all they nowadays do is race and chat. because they only care about the [Mod] tag in front of their nicknames.
  8. tehslim

    haxardous and random blocker

    i planned on doing a huge rant about the issues on this server months ago but i couldn't be arsed please forgive me for calling this autist kid from bahrain monkey but it's pretty much the only way i can describe him this dumb arab monkey is online all day and mutes me for insulting blockers but doesn't do anything about the blockers instead (i literally got blocked by a random polish guest user 10 maps in a row, i warned him to not block me many times before actually insulting and there is 2 mods online while all of this shit is happening, andrex and haxardous, they are just sitting there chit chatting and trying hard to win a map) is this how you hire mods these days? big note: he only muted me because i told him to stop blocking (yes, haxardous, a blocker mod, are you surprised? i'm not) earlier so he is triggered cause i confronted him now he feels like he should show his "authority" and mute me so he can fill his satisfaction please include iq tests in your mod applications i don't care if i get muted 10 hours, you aren't doing anything about the main issues in the server all you do is race for tops spam 2222 then stay afk when you fail 0 dignity in your mod/admin team please grow the fuck up and solve problems in the server instead of changing top 8 to top 10 fucking useless i don't care how many punishments i get, i will continue to express myself the way i like to and i will fight with morons like him and many other already existent in the server each day i get many racist insults from other people but nobody mutes them (except Abrahax, huge props to him, he is the ONLY mod i saw doing some cleaning about this issue) please understand my point, many of your mods are just trying to become mods for their imaginary virtual status which they care about so much otherwise they would die from sadness
  9. tehslim

    bitch - insults

    I don't think it's related to respecting South American people. If you have a high ping wherever you live, you should get marked as a lagger. Simple as that. Not other players' problem.
  10. tehslim

    bitch - insults

    About the blocking part: I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. By the way, I don't approve bitch's actions and he should get marked as a blocker. Other than that, many players from South America are pretty much immune to blocking since you all have 200+ ping. And yet you aren't marked as laggers, which is a big issue about the server. I got blocked and my races got ruined just because some random Argentine & Brazilian people crashed into me. Maybe you don't see on your screen because of lag but you ram into other pingless people while turning corners or even just driving on a straight road.
  11. tehslim

    Leon constantly insulting me

    Bump. I don't know if any action was taken against Leon or not but seems this topic has flown under the radar. I saw Leon insult Patya constantly aswell and it's not just for fun and banter. He pretty much does it everytime I see both Patya and him online. Don't know the beef between them but I never saw Patya retaliating. We need harsher punishments than just muting for a limited period of time. If someone continues the same behaviour they should get serial banned from the server.
  12. tehslim

    andrex97 Application

    Of course not, as I said above. Actually this is what I want to see, people sharing their opinions more like you instead of chit chat. You can disagree with me that's not a problem. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. tehslim

    andrex97 Application

    Everyone knows what Kash is like. Pretty disappointed by your immature response I have to say. I'm not a paparazzi screenshotting or capturing everything and I don't need to do that. I'm just expressing my opinions. Kash is a well known blocker and flamer. He even threatens people because he thinks he is untouchable. He even said to me after I told him to not block me very politely and he just responded by saying "yeah go on report me, what's gonna happen" "cmon report me" "you want a war?". Matter of fact, you don't even play race you're just online on forums. Maybe you play mix too I don't know, both irrelevant. How are you supposed to know what's going on in race? Just pointing the finger to me and saying that "if you don't have proof you're wrong" is delusional. Yeah I agree with your point. Everyone has their bad/good days. I still think he needs to improve. I don't actually know if you're trolling or not but I didn't even mention anything about "failing" something. Your fails don't bother anyone else and yes, it doesn't need to be you, anybody constantly hitting someone is a negative nonetheless. I did also talk about other things, not just blocking. Maybe take the criticism a little serious and try to learn from your mistakes.
  14. tehslim

    andrex97 Application

    I'm Okan. I'd talk more about the issues about the server now but it's not the right topic. I will add more to my first post. I may have been little harsh about your appeal but I tried to give my honest opinions about you because as I said, I'm not seeing any positive/feedback about your personality above. I've seen nothing but hate from you since you first rammed me and blamed me for being slow. Even if you dislike someone you need to respect them both in-game and outside the game. I have shown you respect by criticizing you very seriously and I always try to race fair in the game. Maybe you will change and behave good, that's your choice, I can't do anything about it. I only mess with the people who mess with me in the first place. I don't randomly go full retard on somebody. This is because the penalties are very poor and biased in this server. Nobody gets punished for their actions. If you are friends with some admins/mods, it's easy life. Best example I can give is Kash. PS: Maybe you will learn something from this topic too, Mosh.
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