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  1. Pokemoon

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Good luck Mekuar ^^
  2. Pokemoon

    let rammers get punished.

    Best from Flo
  3. Pokemoon


    all who get problem whit (reason: VF #33 NetLimit (Killer Networking / Control Center)) here is link who help u fix the (reason: VF #33 NetLimit (Killer Networking / Control Center)) https://youtu.be/y_iOj2cbaME Good luck .
  4. Pokemoon

    Jamaica Moderator Application

    good luck
  5. Pokemoon

    Mod application

    Gameserver: Mix Age:21 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: PanditoMan Discord name **: PanditoMan#2894 Ingame name: 8|PanditoMan Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hi guys, my name is Agris. I have been playing MTA MRGREENGAMING server in particular for roughly 3 years. i play in server everyday. I want a be mod because I'll do justice . i just want to have fun and be do justice . I know that sometimes i insult some player but i try keep down myself . I will try stop guys who try make insult other . i can help server to grow up in next years and become a good Mod. i spend lot of time in server For all years what i spend in server i make myself good friends and i enjoy play whit them. Wish you good days and be happy on Game. Happy new Year
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