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  1. Pokemoon


    Logic of newbie Admin/Dev Ehh.. Mute everyone by little bad words but dont read in chat what actual going on. Mute everyone but cant fix lag issues on server. But 50% issues is VIP. Server just cant handle VIP. Just try turn off VIP from server off for some time an u Will see if VIP make issues +Mix will soon die.
  2. Pokemoon

    Share your paintjobs :)

  3. Pokemoon

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in?

    they fixing server + in forum up in red bar its said : Our MTA servers are not working well. We are working on fixing it ASAP
  4. Pokemoon

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck Mili
  5. T-w|Akula and[NRS]Panda teaming up in SH and DD last two days. And teaming up whit NON_clan player wasn't allowed. Give them some punishment or just Warn them that teaming it's not allowed.
  6. Pokemoon

    Moderator application - Hemix

    if u get banned , muted or insulted someone . u will not get Admin/Mod job .+ really dont push Staff here . thatt will be reason to declined ur application .And here is enough staff . no need for new Admins/Mods .
  7. Pokemoon

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    Good Luck my stoner bro
  8. Pokemoon

    Moderator application - Hemix

    good Luck
  9. Pokemoon


    including family members when i Insulting family members when i dont accept hes pvp invite Give him some penalty or teach some lesson to him .
  10. Pokemoon

    Mix Clan War #5

    AoS Pro
  11. Pokemoon

    Mix Clan War #5

    its cheating
  12. Pokemoon

    Mix Clan War #5

    No AoS . No CW
  13. Pokemoon

    Not Enough?!

    We all know how im talking when im drunk in server .
  14. Pokemoon

    Not Enough?!

    that Hobbit blocked my way yesterday+u talking about other trash in turkish is racism ? and every time Panzer u everyone ask to pvp go . and u didnt stop when we say u dont ask about pvp.u still ask about pvp+ calling us racist .
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