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  1. -Shadow-


    Of course hahaha.
  2. -Shadow-


    In the future, will MrGreen have all the game modes of all Race servers? Like other servers? (I don't say the name because ''I advertise the server'')? Hahahaha You should think of new game modes instead of being copied to other servers. Do not you think Cena?
  3. -Shadow-


    Good copy of the gameplay design by Bonsai on your server (In case you do not know)
  4. -Shadow-

    I want to know why they gave me ban?

    Es otro Carlos xddd
  5. Zolo Miyoz


    1. CARLOSXD9900


      Cuidado lo robo lok

  6. -Shadow-

    I want to know why they gave me ban?

    Ay Carlitos jajaja v:
  7. -Shadow-

    andrex97 Application

    Good luck bro!
  8. -Shadow-

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Good luck @Ywa, and thank you for leaving this beautiful legacy, like the servers of MrGreen.
  9. -Shadow-

    Moderator Application

    Manager* hahaha.
  10. -Shadow-

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Good luck Bondi Wondi Borondi! I hope I"ll see u like admin.
  11. -Shadow-

    Perk idea: JUMP

    I think it would be a very good idea, have a spending time limit like some 30 day perks and of course, it would also be good for future Shooter maps to remove the jump to be effective Perk-JUMP.
  12. -Shadow-

    Ping Limit Request

    No parce, por gente que no le agrada que yo este en el servidor, haciendo mapas, jugando u otras cosas , como Anthony.
  13. -Shadow-

    Ping Limit Request

    Sorry Goldberg, I can not give my point of view in the publications because anthony does not like it, it bothers him.
  14. -Shadow-

    Ping Limit Request

    Ya me la va montar por el ingles esta gonorrea jajajaja, abrase más bien pirobo , bb.
  15. -Shadow-

    Ping Limit Request

    Sí marica JAJAJAJAJA, pero pa' qué , si ya ni juego MTA como otras personas owo.
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