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  1. -Shadow-

    Floor Generator [Editor Plugin]

    Very good work, it will be very useful for the mappers of this server or other servers!
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  3. ShadowXiro.png.a016b9903e828824a2aabf1d5181d425.png

  4. -Shadow-

    Blocker Pepito in cw match

    This is the most illogical thing I've seen...
  5. -Shadow-

    NTS Plugin For Editor

    Did you verify that each checkpoint has the NTS gamemode?
  6. -Shadow-

    NTS Plugin For Editor

    Did you do what it says in the tutorial on how to install the plugin? Install: - Copy the mrgreen folder into \server\mods\deathmatch\resources\ - Replace race.edf in \server\mods\deathmatch\resources\[gamemodes]\[race]\race\edf\race.edf
  7. -Shadow-

    Mercury Mod Application

    Good luck Mercury.
  8. -Shadow-

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    It would be amazing if they also did a tournament in Race, similar in the Mix server.
  9. -Shadow-

    Civan- Moderator Application

    Good luck.
  10. -Shadow-

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    Good luck SkyLike!
  11. -Shadow-

    Admin Application

    Who is this guy?
  12. -Shadow-

    Elessar's Moderator Application

    Good luck Stern. 😋
  13. -Shadow-

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

  14. -Shadow-

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Server: Mix Map name: [RTF] Just-It Reason: Map stolen from the original author Map: Crash Author: Gallardo
  15. -Shadow-

    IRC Spam

    Goodnight. On July 24, 2018 something unexpected happened in the servers of Race and Mix of MrGreen, several players (maybe Bots) came and went from IRC until they arrived at the moment of making an unwanted email very uncomfortable for the players, I reported this to know if @Ywa can remove the IRC because we already have the Discord that fulfills a very similar function, thank you.