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    The two most important days of your life is the day you are born and the day you discover why, you can be clear about this but it will torment you for all your life without having any reason, life is something ironic without knowing why, the world is not for the weak, the world is for those who have their knowledge at another level from others and teach others to follow their path, never forget this... ShadowXiro.

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  1. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    Thanks to all the supportive users who make this project continue standing.
  2. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

  3. -Shadow-

    Leaving Mr.Green

    I agree with you Ulas, and if it's something very evident in MrGreen, it was one of another reason why I don't usually play a lot on the server because it has become a little toxic, regarding what you say it seems somewhat unfair for me. Bans a little exaggerated in the last months by what I have seen in the forum, in Discord's chat and by what some friends have told me, Still I hope you do well in your future, Ulas, I know that you are a good person after all.
  4. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    I already talked to Hazy about Panzer, he is banned from tournaments until further notice. (Toxic behaviour)
  5. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    Thanks to the people who support this project by giving GC to the winners of this project @Sandro @Matoosh. Next I will leave the link of the Brotherhood group where the information of each event that will be held, the special members of each event and if this is still very good, more Shooter tournaments will be made and if it is the case of DD. Group: https://discord.gg/pzguF6D
  6. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    Suddenly let's do a collaboration looking at the factors of my time.
  7. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    ~Shadow~ - Mega Jump.
  8. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    Congratulations to the first 3 places, and also to those who participated in this event, soon the next Shooter event. #MrGreen
  9. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    Ulala, we will see ur new power.
  10. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    Oh shit, its true! But already, fixed left key hahaha.
  11. -Shadow-

    Shooter Sunday

    All this constant to record the maps and record the rounds with the participants, something fun for Shooter lovers for this quarantine, If anyone has any doubts about it, do not hesitate to leave your question here and it will be answered, there will only be 15 free spots.
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