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  1. Viictor15

    NS| National Storm | Information

    Great idea to help the server Welcome back
  2. Viictor15

    KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    In-game nickname: Viictor Age: 17 Country of origin: Brazil How long have you been playing on MrGreen: Around 1 Month Past MIX clans (if you've ever been in one): No, first time Tell us why do you want to join our clan: I would like to join the clan because every time I play (almost every day) I see members of this clan, and I think it's a great team, it made me want to know what it's like to be a member, and I also find the guys who play in the clan Server very good people, and that's what I hope they accept me, but even if they do not accept me, I'll accept the
  3. Looking for a Team/Clan to enter. :D

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