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    Gameserver: Race Age: 21 Country of origin: Latvia Link to Steam Community profile *: ---- Discord name **: koolaid#5538 Ingame name: koolaid Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hi guys, my name is koolaid and I have been playing MTA and this server in particular for roughly 2.5 years. I would like to apply for the position of administrator as I find myself to be playing on this server most of my free time, have been fulfilling the role of a moderator since around May, trying to instill some form of order on the server while also allowing for myself and others to feel free and have fun. Another reason I believe to be a good fit for the position is because of the issue of there being quite many moderators actively playing on the server, but rather few admins, so as an active player I feel like I would be a good addition to the already existing staff team. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop a comment below. See you guys in game
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