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    haxardous and random blocker

    Respect yourself, you represent yourself. All the time you're being toxic, disrespectful & rude with others, you just made a whole thread showing how rude you are? Just search for your name in Discord in result you'll see how stupid your negative personality is, about that "blocking" as you mention, i already said to you, you were using the wrong lines and i were just using the right way, how can i be a blocker? I am just playing.
  3. Introducing the Skill & Leveling System • Explaining the Skill & Leveling system: - The skill system will predict how players perform when it becomes to racing, it learns how the player carry out in the game and give him a skill rank, just like any other competitive game, so let me explain what are the requirements to reach a certain level and have a skill. There's going to be two things, level and the skill, level is going to count what player have already done by experience (XP), for the skill system it's going to rate the player racing performance and set it into a certain skill group. • Leveling System: - For each statistic there's going to be an experience point just like the following picture. • Levels: (Unlimited levels / 2500XP+ for others) • Skills: (made from scratch)
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    SH tournament

    here in middle east we always used to have like those, buy things with 10 dollars and you're going to enter the lottery to win. it's not haram lol.
  5. HazardousFTW

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Thank you, good luck :(
  6. HazardousFTW

    MTA Christmas event!

    Race - Pirates Mix - (Random DD Map)
  7. HazardousFTW

    Mix/Race tournament #1

  8. HazardousFTW

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    rebind the snow effect binding or just disable it by default, make some chat output when a player joins asking him if he want to enable it by some command.
  9. HazardousFTW

    Pictures of thyself

    kabeer mn yomi ty
  10. HazardousFTW

    Pictures of thyself

    19 years old photo, i was cute though
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    HazardousFTW's Moderator Application

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    HazardousFTW's Moderator Application

  13. HazardousFTW

    HazardousFTW's Moderator Application

    What you're talking about, i should say that rofl. i already said "RACE" not mix or what so ever. appreciate your comment.
  14. HazardousFTW

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    would be a thing pushing me to join mix
  15. HazardousFTW

    HazardousFTW's Moderator Application

    Gameserver: Race (switching to mix server is something unusual for me) Age: 19 Country of origin: Kingdom of Bahrain (BH) Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/axatar/ Discord name **: Axa#2514 (i don't think this will be changed anytime soon) Ingame name: Mostly "HazardousFTW" or "Hazardous95" comes with the "[SGA]" tag sometimes. i just change it from time to time, it's all about the subtags or something. before 2015 it was "Bahrainio" or "Axa". Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hey there. It's Ali, from Bahrain 19 years old. speaking Arabic and English with a nearly decent experience. I've started playing within the mrgreen's Race server since 2015 somehow i registered in 2016, about a great period of knowledge with respect to others "i know. there's a lot of people started playing here before me by years now" i had "540" hours played at this time just getting real active within these days. from the the beginning of the current year I've seen a serious inactive coming from the staff team especially the race server, we all know everyone has a family, work, collage or school or some issue. they can't get free all time i really respect that. Yesterday, the race server hit "72" and even there's no single staff online, some players was spamming random text, caps and such. it was disturbing for some or everyone. rarely we meet some staffs here within the race server, we usually use the mix chat to contact a staff to deal with other players. i can deal with situations since I've already owned a community before with a good number of reputation. the server should not be like that since mrgreen's race is getting active within these days and it needs more staffs. it needs more before actually :3. (76 Players online 11-10-2018)
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