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  1. aya! ola mami és muita gira :*

    1. AleksCore


      I don't understand any single word but your language is very beautiful!

    2. eatmychildren


      just let me nut inside u

  2. Let a nigga nut

    1. eatmychildren


      when it's time to bust, only one thing can make me get my nut off. it's the sweet, sweet taste of nutella. GOD I LOVE NUTELLA. i'd rub nutella all over me. i'm actually not indian. if you lick me i'm actually nutella. i'm whiter than casper the ghost if he died from oxygen deprivation. damn. my nutella habits are turning into a fetish.

    2. AleksCore
    3. eatmychildren
  3. Are you in prison yet?


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    2. AleksCore
    3. eatmychildren


      When I was in college I would hang out in the cafeteria and study at a corner table all day to save on meal tickets. So, I got to see a lot of people come and go and became a researcher of strange eating habits. There was this one kid that would come in just after the lunch rush and order the exact same thing every day: a plate with five hot dogs in buns with nothing on them but loads and loads of mayonnaise. Then he would sit down at a small table by himself and systematically lift each hot dog to his mouth and squeeze the greased up bun so the hot dog would slide into his mouth. He would do this with all five slimy mayo covered weiners. Then, he would delicately wipe off his mouth and carry his plate to the trash with five pulverized man-handled buns.

      I think about that kid far more often than I would care to admit. Where is he now? Does he still hork the doggies, or has he grown out of that? Did he graduate college, get a high paying job with some business and now hork Polish Sausage smothered in high class holandaise sauce? I will never know. But I hope he found what he was looking for.

    4. Gonzalezo
  4. Rate the song above you!

    It's very generic but I like it It deserves 7/10 at least, not my kind of music.
  5. Because

  6. So, um hi im back

    Try Paladins, it's free 2 play. You will start playing against bots first levels so dont think its so ez and boring. Actually cool game, still in BETA. A lot of updates like every few weeks or so. There is also classes, fast respawn etc. Good dynamic FPS game. This is replaced ZS for me.
  7. So, um hi im back

    It's dead, just move forward, play another games
  8. Today was a beautiful day, until I stepped into the shit. Looking closer I saw that it was @Gonzalezo

  9. Story of your avatar

    My avatar was created by myself. There you can see: Fry from Furuama (I love this cartoon, I love this character); Fry got Asking Alexandria T-Shirt, that's a music band I used to like and listen a lot before; background is a photo from Enter Shikari concert, I really love this band and I love their triangle green logo made from LEDs. This avatar describes me and my tastes very well. I am also a bit silly like Fry P.S. I was on Asking Alexandria concert x1 time and on Enter Shikari x3 times