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  1. andrex97

    Map Event

    Nick: NGR|andrex97 Map Name: Golden Island
  2. andrex97

    Mr.Green Gaming THEME v.3

  3. andrex97

    Rate the song above you!

  4. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Hope he's ok, that's all.
  5. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Wasn't that Quick, actually xD.
  6. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Any tip? For better quality
  7. andrex97

    Show your desktop background!

    use kmspico and activate it
  8. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    In memory of DonGato Sandro 2 days ago requested me a very special paint, the paint of DonGato. For a tribute to his left, i think it's a very deep idea, it's something that make me smile. He tell me the bad news about him, and i could not believe in what he say, devasted and feeling empty i wanted to refill this blank space in my heart with this video, a tought that is coming from all of us of Mr.Green Gaming. One more race for DonGato. Nothing kills racing. The video as been shared only there.
  9. andrex97

    Show your car

    My love ! Clio IV 1.2
  10. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    The effects are amazing mate.
  11. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Im intrested about these effects how you make these? Im learning Adobe After Effect for animation and transitions It's Ae?
  12. andrex97

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Movie maker? wow cool effects xD
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