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  1. Invest in crypto before you'll regret it.
    (Not financial advice)

  2. I agree, as i already explained in server, there is a server dedicated for this type of maps, it’s time to make order and give the right user percentage to both servers.
  3. Holo

    AXSGARAGE - 2021

  4. Holo

    AXSGARAGE - 2021

    FREE FOR ALL FREE LIVERIES FOR ALL CARS SHINE WITH STYLE (COLORS CAN BE CHANGED, JUST ASK.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 - Crime Scene
  5. Holo

    Mateoryt Admin application

    Very good guy! best of luck
  6. Holo

    AXSGARAGE - 2021

    PRIVATE COMMISSIONS: OPEN ASK FOR A LIVERY! 1000 GC Discord: andrex97#7804 Active requests: 2
  7. AUCTION START: 22/02 - 10:00 AUCTION END: 24/02 - 23:00Minimum raise: 50 GC SELL TO: @Blyatman AXSGARAGE LIVERY AUCTION It's an idea to engage the Mr. Green Gaming community to a more consistent activity and make more creative every run you will do. Every paint it's on 4000px full hd resolution in game. It could be smaller, just in very rare case (like a complex livery with many elements, like a 3d render.)
  8. Holo

    Military Admin Application

    good luck!
  9. Holo

    AXSGARAGE - 2021

    FORMULA - E 2021 LIVERIES ASK FOR CHANGE THE NUMBER! ES: NAME OF LIVERY: () NUMBER: 97 NAME OF LIVERY: NUMBER: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DS-TECHEETAH TYPE1 Gen-E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BMW i Andretti Motorsport TYPE1 Gen-E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Holo

    AXSGARAGE - 2021

    FORMULA1 2021 LIVERIES ASK FOR CHANGE THE NUMBER! ES: NAME OF LIVERY: (TYPE1 MCL35M - SILVERSTONE FILMING DAY) NUMBER: 97 NAME OF LIVERY: NUMBER: IMPORTANT! LIVERY COULD DISAPPEAR DUE TO AN UPGRADE OF THE LIVERY, OR TO FIX SOME ISSUES, IF THAT HAPPEN, JUST PICK IT BACK FROM THERE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scuderia Ferrari MissionWinnow TYPE1 SF21 TYPE2 SF21 (FIX 15/03/21) -------------------------------------------------------------
  11. AUCTION START: 15/02 - 16:40 AUCTION END: 20/02 - 16:40 Minimum raise: 50 GC SELL TO @Sandro: 5000 GC
  12. Holo

    AXSGARAGE - 2021

    SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH MORE! FOLLOW ME FOR EVERY UPDATE: https://www.instagram.com/axsgarage/ Thanks to: @cbyhttp://cby.hu/pjtester/ HOW TO USE THESE LIVERIES JUST CLICK DX ON THE .JPG FILE AND SELECT COPY LINK
  13. diѕcσrd: axdesign #7804 уσυтυвє: axsgarage Hello everyone, nice to see you there! As every year, i like to create the F1 liveries on Grand Theft Auto SA. Due to the Covid 19 stop on the F1 Championship, the liveries may be not accurate as the actual liveries, thats because i made them when they have been released by each team. "Melbourne GP" was announced and after cancelled, it pass a lot of time, and many liveries changed their aspect. As Lewis Hamilton request, Mercedes AMG F1 Team changed their look to Black, to support the Black lives with the slogan BLM. Black L
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