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  1. trhrd

    Mod application

  2. trhrd

    Mekuar's Moderator Application

    Turks struggle for power. Gl, bro
  3. trhrd

    Witcher Moderator Application

    You need to be a 14 y/o turkish guy to become a moderator here
  4. trhrd

    Arms|of|DNR insulting again

    He was muted by Cena for 1 hour, but he learned nothing from it and started insulting again. He also said that he wants to ban all players from Turkey and Poland: Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/JSe1yab
  5. trhrd


    This guy always insulting on Russian, when he got killed. He is really toxic and also spam on Russian in chat or with "1111/2222". Filip53 and RaY29rus can confirm it.
  6. trhrd

    qReW Moderator Application

    Good luck, man
  7. trhrd


    1. #HadroN2. MTA Race Mix3. Toxic player
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