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  1. Einstain kardeşim forumda Türkçe konuşan sadece  Mekuar ve ben varız başkalarına Türkçe yazma anlamazlar.:D



      Sen türkmüsün



      Ve sitede çeviri özelliği  yok mu?

    3. minowux


      Yok çeviri kolay iş değil öyle.Sen sor ben burdaysam yardımcı olurum.Google Çeviri'ye de fazla güvenme.

  2. minowux

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Paintjob i made for "Quick!" Paintjob for Cenation clan. Bonus: SuperGT (It looked very good and i couldnt miss it.)
  3. minowux

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Me hitchhiking. Job being a ballerina or having an existantial crisis idk Stig Simpson flying!!!
  4. minowux

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Paintjob with NGR colors. Dinoco livery from the Cars movie that i made for Cena
  5. minowux

    Flamer and racist LaurDani

    Your ingame name : Minowux The player's name who you are reporting : LaurDani Which server are you requesting this? Mrgreen MIX The reason why this player should get banned : Any type of racism for everyone shouldnt be in server.He gets angry for simple things and attacking people as you can see in the links below. I dont even know this guy, i was checking the #mta-mix-chat in discord then i saw what he said. I will also put the discord link so that you can check it via discord. https://discordapp.com/channels/228439442069651456/231020305429168128/752275918671577130
  6. minowux

    Map Event

    Nick: NGR|Minowux Map Name: NRG-500 Parkour 4 (Race) Map Name: DD - Mandala 2 (Mix)
  7. minowux

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Just a normal MTA screenshot. @Gonzalezo
  8. You can use https://www.mp3smaller.com/ to compress your songs(lower file size), 80kbps is good enough, talking with experience. Also if you want to download a song from youtube, i use this: https://www.flv2mp3.by/tr16/ If your song volume is too low in map, you can use http://www.kanssoftware.com/download_tr.htm , 1.5 - 4.5 dB normalizing is enough. In my opinion map being so plain is not a problem, just dont make it annoying and people would be grateful.You will start making better maps as you keep doing them. For suggestion i would say start simple and make something n
  9. minowux

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    Did you deleted it or somethin? No need to miss come and lets play together.
  10. minowux

    Club CustomPaintjob

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