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  1. You can use https://www.mp3smaller.com/ to compress your songs(lower file size), 80kbps is good enough, talking with experience. Also if you want to download a song from youtube, i use this: https://www.flv2mp3.by/tr16/ If your song volume is too low in map, you can use http://www.kanssoftware.com/download_tr.htm , 1.5 - 4.5 dB normalizing is enough. In my opinion map being so plain is not a problem, just dont make it annoying and people would be grateful.You will start making better maps as you keep doing them. For suggestion i would say start simple and make something new for your next maps since mta map editor is kinda cancer, wouldnt be good if you would say screw this and quit. Good luck.
  2. minowux

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    Did you deleted it or somethin? No need to miss come and lets play together.
  3. minowux

    Club CustomPaintjob

  4. minowux

    Show your desktop background!

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  6. All hail Löwe von Hamburg. :wave:

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      HH ist die Stadt! ⚓

  7. yess i was waiting for this shit to be on sale for 7,5 TRY but mf s want 15 TRY for this old-ass game, now i got it for free suck ittt publisher, thanks bro.
  8. 1843.jpg


  9. Guys all of these makes sense since you use your horn when you see somebody or something happens to you, most of these are like reaction sounds and they are lot better than many pointless horns in current horn listin server. Taste The Rainbow Motherfucker.mp3Sönmez Reyiz PUH (Sert).mp3Sönmez Reyiz Dino dino gel gel.mp3Sönmez Reyiz Beri bak beri beri.mp3Sönmez Reyiz Amıcık.mp3ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA.mp3Ooooooooooooh.mp3nokiaringtonearabic.mp3ight imma fuhh wit u.mp3GET OUTTA HERE MAN SHIET.mp3Free V-bucks fuck you..mp3Foxxo does a laugh.mp3Evil seagull laugh.mp3dino and frog dance to cursed christmas music.mp3Apyr.mp3youeatallmybeansnigga.mp3 Nope(EngineerTF2).mp3 AWWWW Let Me Play You A Sad Song On The Worlds Smallest Violin.mp3
  10. minowux

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    I trust your objectiveness and i understand you but there is no point of asking "what's your problem with me" to him because i swear i dont even know him and he threw an insult without thinking its probably because he s racist or just an idiot but i dont have a proof for these. About kash and polish paradise clan i dont know what happened but fights happen in server tbh i cursed at people, people cursed at me i didnt report many of them and they didnt but this is something else as you guys can see from the picture. And about the polish gang yeah i was being friendly thats the second reason im mad.
  11. minowux

    CTF, DL and MH

    Remove deadline and mh, ctf is kinda cool mostly if the map is good.
  12. minowux

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    It does, first i dont even know him and he s not my friend, also i dont know about you guys but in Turkey if u swear at family members its a fight reason, also i didnt see anyone in mrgreengaming mta or discord server swearing at eachothers mom?i know kurwa is almost not even counts as an insult in polish but other polish people in server is not talking like him, so its not an excuse. You dont have to protect your clan member just be honest.
  13. minowux

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    i edited.
  14. 1.Your ingame name : Minowux 2.The player's name who you are reporting : AV.MoXddeR 3.Which server are you requesting this : Mr.Green MTA Race Server 4.The reason why this player should get banned : 31.05.2020 around 19:10 CET i joined race server and said hi siema polish gang and this guy said "ananı sikerim to you" for absolutely no reason right away and i dont even know him.Ananı sikerim means fuck your mother in Turkish probably even jack knows this or any Turkish admin(someone you can trust more) can translate for you guys. Here is the photo and chatlog in discord, you can search in discord mta-race-channel and see its not edited or something, btw i couldnt find spoiler to minimize chatlog. NGR|Minowux has joined [20:06] kdejsme187 has left [Quit] [20:06] NET//Mateoryt: kash budzimy sie [20:06] NET//Mateoryt: konfidencie [20:06] [NKC]Pepsi: cebulka wstawaj Bringbugün saat 20:07 .p Mr. GreenBOTbugün saat 20:07 * > There are 31 players ingame: -]alw[-SuperCharles55(), NIGHTF44L(), -]alw[-MoshPit(), TicimitsS$u(), KashSausageWedlinka(), TH3Uzin(), BigsTroller, PassatˍTDI, gromghost(), KnaSKY, LeonˍKennadi, GrievingBuffet79, H@rD$tYleRZ!, Tomeso, JKY, Mabbyn, DeliciousTurban80, Galoakd, ∼>Brenda, Rank, NET//Mateoryt, |CrF|suckarr, LokiScraZy, [NKC]Pepsi, AV.MoXddeR, ImcarryLFS, alon3<∼, V4POR, -]alw[-Weed, |CrF|BATON, NGR|Minowux [20:07] ImcarryLFS is now known as #FFFFFF [20:07] ImcarryLFS is now known as 11 [20:07] Map 'Cutting Teeth' started [20:07] ImcarryLFS is now known as jp2gmd [20:07] AV.MoXddeR: [6ix]Sentinel: ty kurwa smietana push z pizdy [20:07] [NKC]Pepsi: LFS'AkaaN: im carry lfs? yes [20:07] DashingSky55 has joined [20:08] DashingSky55 is now known as MR.Jo [20:08] MR.Jo has left [Quit] [20:08] NGR|Minowux: hii [20:08] MR.Jo has joined [20:09] NGR|Minowux: siema polish gang [20:09] MR.Jo: hi [20:09] AV.MoXddeR: anani sikerim to you [20:09] |CrF|BATON finished as 1st [20:09] [NKC]Pepsi finished as 2nd
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