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  1. zzSHANKSzz


    Cena i didnt know that my honest will hurt u that bad i dont care if u ban me 12 hours or 4ever i hv life i dont got time for this i didnt insault and u muted me anyways Cena u can Suck My Fucking Dick bro peace
  2. why my subject removed?

    1. Maher


      Which one you mean?

    2. Maher


      OK now i get it, Better talk with @Cena.

  3. zzSHANKSzz

    Dear Admins ..

    SO *rOcK* guy muted me before 2 weeks cz some girl cry to him *please mute zzSHANKSzz* then yesterday some girl told him to mute me but he says i removed froom admin So how to get some one muted is: make a girl nickname and try to be cool then talk to that g4y *r0cK* * to mute anybody or he will talk to admins to mute anyone cz he like girls he want them to notice him cz he shit in real life so thats how it works? Its Really Stupid thing happining and that r0cK guy muted me only and the other girl talk shit to me and didnt muted i feel sad for him lol and today i get muted bcz he say i will told admins to mute u why? bcz some girl cry to him again LOOOOOL and she told me *fuck you* bad woords but she didnt muted dear admins i have support this site i deserve better than this and please dont make random kids admin ..
  4. zzSHANKSzz

    i cant buy gc

    its not stolen and not invaild
  5. zzSHANKSzz

    i cant buy gc

    paybal wont accepting my visa card ..
  6. zzSHANKSzz

    i cant buy gc

    i want to buy gc but the only buy option is paybal and i didnt have paybal i have visa card is there a way to buy gc with visa card? and i try to make paybal account but it wont accepting my visa card
  7. zzSHANKSzz

    how players speak voice

    how players speak voice? like: say 1 more again i dare u mother fu*ker and these voices how?