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  1. JaegeR34

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Thank you @Mekuarand @eL_AsS
  2. JaegeR34

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    Congratulations AoS.
  3. JaegeR34

    Assist of Skills

    Hey My name is Serhan Buz. I have played MTA/Samp for long time. I found Mrgreen in 2017. I didn't active last times but ı'm active for 6 months. I'm really good about ''Stunt''. I'm a regular player in Mrgreen's Server but ı am improving myself. I want join Aos because ı think Aos is a good team and ı like play with team. Thank you for reading Nick : JaegeR Discord : JaegeR#6667 Time Playing : 472 hours Start Playing MGG : 2017
  4. JaegeR34


    Yes maXpoWer#6667
  5. JaegeR34


    hello guys, bought paintjob from my store can someone make me skin please ?
  6. JaegeR34

    my nick is stolen locked

    Thankyou Cena
  7. JaegeR34

    my nick is stolen locked

    Hello i am maXpoWer and i play on the Racing server... I would like "maXpoWer" to be unlocked again because there is no way that another "maXpoWer" decided to join and lock that name instantly...If you could make that happen it would be amazing. Good weekend! I will lock it as soon as it is available again.
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