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  1. Mekuar

    Rate the song above you!

  2. EINSTAIN sorularını Türk olmayanlara karşı Türkçe yöneltirsen doğal olarak anlayamazlar. İngilizce kullanmaya çalış. Eğer kullanamıyorsan da bana ya da diğer Türklere sormayı deneyebilirsin. 

  3. Mekuar

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Actually only three of the many paint jobs I've done are police :p Others:
  4. Mekuar


    You know well what you did.
  5. Mekuar

    Pictures of thyself

    You can easily beat Dubby when he's not looking at your maps
  6. Mekuar

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    That's what I meant already. How you think I don't know that
  7. Mekuar

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    I don't agree about DL and MH. Most players don't like MH and DL. Thats why MH and DL deleted :p
  8. Mekuar

    Share your paintjobs :)

    I have same paint jobs from Cars movie in my folders Nice work
  9. Mekuar

    Map Event

    I'm here Nick: Mekuar Map Name: [SH] Shade of Madness
  10. Have you been kidnapped by the Russian mafia?

  11. Mekuar

    Who's still playing L4D2?

    Me too
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