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  1. Mekuar

    [Upload Horns] Post Your Horns Here

  2. Mekuar

    MTA Christmas event!

    Mix: Battle of Soldiers
  3. Mekuar

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Unbalanced groups, some of them will easily go to the top round SH maps are bad. Why don't you add good shooter maps
  4. Mekuar

    high jump issue

    Then you are pro we are nab XD
  5. Mekuar


    Good luck
  6. Mekuar

    BoNd's Admin Application

    Good luck XD
  7. Mekuar

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I think double gcs + %50 discount for GC perks (for 1 day)
  8. Mekuar

    Excessive SH buying

    I think you should learn play Shooter
  9. Mekuar

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    I'm cop you idiot
  10. Mekuar

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I think delete BT wheels. Because All people see different wheels and ıt's not realistic and good. Btw colored wheels perfect.
  11. Mekuar

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    We can't come at 18.00 Can we play at 20.00?