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  1. Mekuar

    Who's still playing L4D2?

    Me too
  2. Mekuar

    Who's still playing L4D2?

  3. Mekuar

    Share your paintjobs :)

    My new Red Bull paint jobs.
  4. Mekuar

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    It would be really good to see in the game. Some nicks don't look good on plates. A simple and beautiful privilege that players can change according to their preferences.
  5. Mekuar

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    It will definitely add difference to the game. I would like to see this on the server.
  6. Mekuar

    Mix Clan War #5

    Team: [NRS] Notably Raptor Squadron Players: -Kneelzy -Filipy -Cloudy -Boyka -Sandro/Skyline -Mekuar
  7. Mekuar

    CTF, DL and MH

    SH would not be one of the most purchased and preferred modes on the server if many people didn't enjoy playing SH. So I don't think SH is a waste of time for most people on the server. Shooter is preferred too much on the server but DL is not preferred too much. This is the biggest difference between them.
  8. Mekuar

    CTF, DL and MH

    I guess players who love to play DL aren't so few like MH lovers or CTF lovers. It will be enough to delete CTF and MH. Maybe MH can be play when It is developed in the future and becomes more fun and smooth mode.
  9. Mekuar

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    You are right about translate. Ananı sikerim means fuck your mother in Turkish :(( Even so ask @jack123 or @Sandro. They know Turkish better than me.
  10. Mekuar

    Shooter Sunday

  11. Mekuar

    Shooter Sunday

  12. You should use English for report. Also you need proofs (Screenshots, videos etc.) so we can do somethings. Rapor oluştururken İngilizce kullanman gerekiyor. Ayrıca bir şeyler yapılabilmesi için kanıtlara ihtiyacın var (Ekran görüntüleri, videolar vs.) You can learn what you need to pay attention while creating a report from the link below. Rapor oluştururken nelere dikkat etmen gerektiğinin detaylarını aşağıdaki linkten öğrenebilirsin. https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/2741-read-this-before-posting/
  13. Mekuar

    Shooter Sunday

    Mekuar, Mega Jump
  14. Mekuar

    Shooter Sunday

    I beat this guy 8-2 in same server. I'm better than you about beat Panzer ;d
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