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  1. noob

  2. Mekuar

    unban req . 100

    Sorry but you should wait for the next year. Happy new year! Locked.
  3. Mekuar

    Unban Request

    Your ban is not perm. Just wait. Locked.
  4. Mekuar


    Then report them so that I can punish them too. Locked.
  5. Mekuar


    I muted you because of your toxic behaviours and you still insult people by changing your nick. As you say I already banned you before and I unbanned you but looks like you still don't understand what you mustn't do. Locked.
  6. Mekuar

    Yunus's unban req

    I unbanned you for now. Try to be a normal player. Locked.
  7. Mekuar

    Yunus's unban req

    I think you still don't understand why you banned. I didn't ban you because of you insulted to racist guy. I banned you because you insulted non racist players and you had toxic behaviours. I'll unban you when you understand what is wrong about you. I'll keep your ban for now. Closed.
  8. Mekuar

    Unban Req

    I unbanned you. You can join servers for now. When you do same toxic behaviours, I will ban you fastly again. Try to be a normal player. Have a good game. Closed.
  9. Mekuar

    Map Event

    Mekuar Mix: - [SH] Shade of Madness - [NTS] Video Games
  10. Mekuar

    Map Event

    Papatka 2????????? Are you kidding me??????
  11. Mekuar

    Rate the song above you!

  12. EINSTAIN sorularını Türk olmayanlara karşı Türkçe yöneltirsen doğal olarak anlayamazlar. İngilizce kullanmaya çalış. Eğer kullanamıyorsan da bana ya da diğer Türklere sormayı deneyebilirsin. 

  13. Mekuar

    Share your paintjobs :)

    Actually only three of the many paint jobs I've done are police :p Others:
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