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  1. Mekuar

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Thanks Aleks & Sandy
  2. Mekuar

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Thanks dude Thank you!! Ahah thanks man
  3. Mekuar

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    If your opinion was against someone who wanted to be authorized, I would understand you and maybe I would join you. I am already a mod for 9 months. In other words, there will be no change in the number of its authorized. I already have an authorized power for a long time. Doing this work for power seems childish to me. This would be understandable if I did it for power anyway when I was a mod. There are also two mods, not one (me and Civan). I don't know which one you think doesn't work. I don't even see you in the game and it's hard for you to make this decision about me. Anyway dude ı hope this made you satisfied. Thanks :p Thanks Panda Lord and Guzel Stig ;d
  4. Mekuar

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Thanks Ulaş Actually we solved our problems with Panzer a long time ago ;d Thanks Sandro Abi ;d Ahah thanks Flo Thanks man ;d Thankss ;dd
  5. Gameserver: MIX/RACE Age: 19 Country of origin: Turkey Discord name: Mekuar#7432 Ingame nick: Mekuar Hello Everyone I have been mod for 9 months and now ı am sharing this application. First of all the reason I share this application is that, I think I have proved myself enough as a mod. I think I do my job as best as I can. I help people and I like doing this. When people report in discord or game, as soon as possible I punish the person who doesn't follow the rules. Even if I am not in the game, I control the game chat with discord and ı join the game when necessary and do my job. I try to make the right decisions and be fair to everyone. I think is the most important thing for an admin. Of course I may have made mistakes but I always tried to correct my mistakes. If necessary I apologized to the other player and took care not to close the event unpleasantly. I tried not to show negative attitudes towards people as much as. I can and depending on all this ı am good with most players in the game. I was always calm against the negativities made against me. I have never been aggressive in the game and I always tried to be positive towards people because it's just a game and I'm a conscious player. I recommend everyone to look at the game this way. I think I have all the features to be an admin and I wrote these above. Thanks to those who support / don't support me and thanks to all who read this. Have a good game! Sincerely, Mekuar.
  6. Mekuar

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    I can't see how much it insult at you without sending screenshots. I just acted according to that instant situation. 30 minutes and I found the warning enough for that time. You'd better show your evidence to me instead of telling next time man. As you do now
  7. Mekuar

    Mod application

    Good luck
  8. Mekuar

    Mr. Green Gaming 2020 Theme

    Nice work.
  9. Mekuar

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    Infinity ∞ : -Mekuar -Kneelzy -Filip -Boyka -Sky -Ravel -Pegux
  10. Mekuar

    Christmas event!

    Mekuar Shade of Madness
  11. Mekuar

    Show your car

    You know ı always prefer silver grey and silver grey the best ;d
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