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  1. Varsketis

    Can't join the server

    Yea, i have tried that earlier, didn't work.
  2. Varsketis

    Can't join the server

    Anyone knows what's the problem?
  3. Varsketis

    Custom paint job

    This was the problem. Thank you.
  4. Varsketis

    Custom paint job

    Yes i did that too. As u can see in the gyazo photo, it worked but it the car skin doesn't change in the actual game.
  5. Varsketis

    Custom paint job

    So i bought this perk, uploaded the image, saved the paintjob. https://gyazo.com/ec985042abd5c041330688d4e930bb17 But it didn't change, it's still the same as it was.
  6. Varsketis

    Cenation "CnT|"

    In-game name: Varsketis Previous clans : Fast and Furious Age: 13 Favorite Game Mode: MIX Server you play on the most: Mr.Greengaming MIX Were u banned in the past and why?: Nowhere How good is your english?: 7/10 What country are you from?: Lithuania Why do you want to join CnT: I think this clan is best so I want to try join.
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