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  1. Server:MTA race Age:24 Country of origin:Turkey Discord name **:-T3SL4-#8311 In-game name:-T3SL4- Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: my name is serhat. I live in Turkey. I graduated from university. I am currently dealing with mobile game development. I have 1 game in google play store. I started playing MTA in 2012 and have been active in mrgg since 2016. I have been here for 5 years and have not fought with anyone, although I have been cursed at me 100 times, I have not swore at anyone. The reason I wrote event manager is that the server is very poor in terms of war, clan war and event. why our racers have to go to other servers for events and clan wars? I have many event ideas in my mind but I shared my very good leage idea with the managers for 2 weeks, I got the same answer from all of them. "This is a very good idea, but there is no staff to do it." I would like to remind you of the endurance race that we tried to do 5 months ago and failed. I don't want to ban people or be a map manager or something, I just want to grow mrgreen, attract more players and make it more fun. My English is not advanced but I can communicate at a basic level or I can use translate as I have done so far.
  2. -TESLA-

    Military Admin Application

    @V4POR a big part? If this were the case, I wouldn't have 50 maps on the server. Those who do not like my maps cannot even be among the best racing players. Look, I will write one by one and tell you their order. 9-clementine. 32-military. 42-alone. 55-Nick_026. 70-earnhardt. 91- hedgehog. They are the only ones who say my maps are bad. I couldn't even find you on the list: D you think everyone hates my maps because you shouted so much, but it is not. It never exceeds 10 people in total.
  3. -TESLA-

    Military Admin Application

    @DubbyI did not mean you, but I am upset with you because of "Besiktask 2". I said it for nick, vapor and military.
  4. -TESLA-

    Military Admin Application

    Another tesla enemy. all tesla enemies want to be a map manager.
  5. -TESLA-

    Pictures of thyself

    I have been here for 4-5 years, and I must have a photo.
  6. -TESLA-

    Top 15 Tournament

    Good things started happening on the server.
  7. -TESLA-

    Map cooldown

    Look nostral, what you caused. If the "Hell chose me" map is deleted or shortened, it won't be a problem for me. There will be those who complain about my maps, but my maps are 3-4 minutes at most. this map is 13 minutes.
  8. -TESLA-

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    Sorry for my english I was talking about trying to simulate the racing part of the ffs server. What will be the criteria for playing for a long time, how long? Those who play for a long time have already been pro.
  9. -TESLA-

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    I would love to be a map manager, but I will not apply because I am afraid of my English level and not being sufficiently involved. good luck.
  10. -TESLA-

    Race Map Manager - Nick_026

    Let me tell you why I came from ffs to mrgreen. Because you start with 1 car in ffs and take a few chekpoints along the same street in the same car. I'm starting at the 3rd race to get bored because I don't want to do the same thing all the time. Some of you want to compare it to the race of ffs, there is already such a place. What makes mrgreen mrgreen is stuck in the wall on the destiny map. falling into the water in Beşiktaşk. It is to drift and turn around in ka4aru's scripted vehicles. Even if they're bad, they're different and you won't find them anywhere else. I want the maps that need to be deleted to be determined by their ratings, but not every rookie who comes in front of them can vote. only race leaders should be able to vote. Guys who do not know how to hold the steering wheel want my difficult map to be deleted, fuck you learn to play the game these are my thoughts. Guys who do not know how to hold the steering wheel want my difficult map to be deleted, fuck you learn to play the game these are my thoughts.
  11. -TESLA-

    -]alw[- Any last words?

    I was the only one active in alw for the past 3 months. can now rest in peace.
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