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  1. mazdacosmo

    Post Your YouTube Favorites!

  2. mazdacosmo

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    mix dd-It's raining milk
  3. mazdacosmo

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    remove or make double jump/super jump have a cooldown on all maps
  4. mazdacosmo

    New horn suggestion thread

    ill post these here i guess RAT SHIT! BAT SHIT!.mp3 d_carway_brt_move.mp3
  5. mazdacosmo

    [Upload Horns] Post Your Horns Here

    Bart Simpson: "Move it or lose it, tool!" and George Carlin "rat shit bat shit dirty old twat, 69 assholes tied in a knot hooray lizard shit, FUCK!" d_carway_brt_move.mp3 RAT SHIT! BAT SHIT!.mp3
  6. mazdacosmo

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    the map [NTS] Turbo 2's checkpoints are to far apart and there are no nos canisters on the map
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