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  1. invalid-user

    Leaving Mr.Green

    keep presuming then,I do not want to speak. say me chicken or etc I do not care
  2. invalid-user

    Leaving Mr.Green

    I dont need to prove anything,I just typed what I think.
  3. invalid-user

    Leaving Mr.Green

    chicken out or whatever you say is better I dont want to argue
  4. invalid-user

    Leaving Mr.Green

    nah I read them,I have to reply?
  5. invalid-user

    Leaving Mr.Green

    There is nothing offensive to you but you know panzer is worst. I know moroccan is toxic and insulting but not as much as PanzeR nevermind thanks for your reply
  6. invalid-user

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Hello,it has been 4 years on this community for me. I was playing there with having so much fun until I see there is unfair asfuck. So,I will not play on this server,this game anymore. Love you all. If you want to know why I am leaving? There you can read about why am I. This server is unfair. I got 90 days ban cause of racism but I can see some admins racist.how shitty is this? @eL_AsS got 30 days Ban cause of joking (maybe a bit abusing) but I am sure he was joking. He doesn't deserve 30 days. Just a fucking joke. Not worse than PanzeR. @HITMAN25 got banned for pe
  7. invalid-user

    PanzeR Avoiding mute

    Your ingame name : @ChowBoy (Filipy), @KneeLzy, @nevernotatall (VenomouS) The player's name who you are reporting : PanzeR Which server are you requesting this? MTA/Mix The reason why this player should get banned Hax told us if he avoid mute he will get ban,now here you see @Haxardous
  8. invalid-user

    Shooter Sunday

    One more please,I will join this one
  9. invalid-user

    Playing on a virtual machine

    I murdered it because I like blacklist
  10. invalid-user

    Playing on a virtual machine

    stop spamming and whitelist is dead
  11. invalid-user

    I'm gay (and I'm a furry)

    give me your adress we will change the roles
  12. invalid-user

    unbann request

    Good Luck:)
  13. invalid-user

    Insults/ provokes

    Mike is right,you dont have a brain
  14. invalid-user

    Insults/ provokes

    hahahaha sure
  15. invalid-user

    Insults/ provokes

    he should have one for grow it up but its sadly he doesnt have one maybe he can beg to god for give him one ;d
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