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  1. nevernotatall

    Problem with mapupload

    I had this problem just reinstall and follow the steps about mrgreen plugin.
  2. nevernotatall

    #1 Race Tournament

    VenomouS [%60] Map : Pro map
  3. nevernotatall

    Any ideas?

    you ask to @Cena but I can answer you,if I'm going to do one more tournament it will be Race.
  4. nevernotatall

    Rate the song above you!

    what video @Quad_Tube
  5. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    ahh,I forgot to say Cena add event timer,sorry @Cena
  6. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    wtf,I'm seeing that Moroccan joining a tournament.. good vibes
  7. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    like fap
  8. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    Even matoosh registered
  9. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    gromghost777 Cross Krug
  10. nevernotatall

    Tournament poll

    Lets join dd tournament dd voters
  11. nevernotatall


    Points of Players : Cena: 4+3+4+8+7+5+4+8+5+7 points = 55 Shadow: 5+7+9+5+8+8+3+5+4+9 points = 63 Ulas: 6+10+10+3+3+10+10+4+6+10 points = 72 Berg: 7+8+7+10+10+6+6+6+10+6 points = 76 Dubby: 8+6+3+4+9+3+9+3+7+8 points = 60 Hitman: 9+5+5+7+4+9+5+7+8+5 points = 64 Laca: 10+9+8+9+6+7+9+3+3 points = 64 ass3: 4+6+6+5+4+8+10+9+4 points = 56 Kills of Teams : AoS: 12 kills TR: 11 kills Buttplug: 23 kills Sorry Losers: 17 kills Total Points: AoS : 204 TR : 192 Buttplug : 301 Sorry Losers : 254 Good Game @Kreator @Laca You will get your rewards asap
  12. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    VenomouS Map,Looney Toons
  13. nevernotatall

    DD Tournament.

    Hi guys,I'm with you again for another tournament. We will do DD tournament this time. You are free to join,there is no join fee. If you wanna join post your nickname below. Everyone can suggest 1 map. The suggested maps will be played during the event Perks will be disabled for block Teaming We will play it next week [15.11.2019]-Friday. It will be at 19.00. CLICK HERE TO CONVERT TO LOCAL TIME Points will be counted like that : 1st 10 points 2nd 9 points 3rd 8 points... 10th 1 points Which player has most points will win. Good Luck
  14. nevernotatall

    Tournament poll

    There is no DL in event server
  15. nevernotatall

    Tournament poll

    why you didnt vote fool
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