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  1. nevernotatall

    Leaving Mr.Green

    keep presuming then,I do not want to speak. say me chicken or etc I do not care
  2. nevernotatall

    Leaving Mr.Green

    I dont need to prove anything,I just typed what I think.
  3. nevernotatall

    Leaving Mr.Green

    chicken out or whatever you say is better I dont want to argue
  4. nevernotatall

    Leaving Mr.Green

    nah I read them,I have to reply?
  5. nevernotatall

    Leaving Mr.Green

    There is nothing offensive to you but you know panzer is worst. I know moroccan is toxic and insulting but not as much as PanzeR nevermind thanks for your reply
  6. nevernotatall

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Hello,it has been 4 years on this community for me. I was playing there with having so much fun until I see there is unfair asfuck. So,I will not play on this server,this game anymore. Love you all. If you want to know why I am leaving? There you can read about why am I. This server is unfair. I got 90 days ban cause of racism but I can see some admins racist.how shitty is this? @eL_AsS got 30 days Ban cause of joking (maybe a bit abusing) but I am sure he was joking. He doesn't deserve 30 days. Just a fucking joke. Not worse than PanzeR. @HITMAN25 got banned for perma cause of provoking,insulting. I know we was not very good friends but I am sure no one doesn't deserve perma except PanzeR. You can unban who ddoses servers (nothing offensive to alex.) but you ban someone perma for provoking. Think that you are indian and all joking with your religion even admins. Yea I know I did it too but I am not proud cause of this. I am sorry. I got punish of this. @ravi26 got ban without no reason? why no one doesnt answer him? what is his difference? @KneeLzy got banned for perma because of nothing. he is good guy,all we know he is not toxic. If he is provoking,and I think it was his first provoke. He doesn't deserve perma. Just mute him for an hour for a day but what the fuck is perma? as I said no one doesnt deserve perma ban except PanzeR and cheaters. If you are on a target of an admin they are looking for your littlest fault. @NasiriScarFace known as THEMoroccanJOB got banned because of provoking and insulting. All we know he had problems with Gold and Jap. Job never insulted as much as PanzeR but he got perma too. Maybe he was toxic? Panzer is toxic too but he just get mute for a month. How unfair is this? Gold and Jap was making him angry. And he was making them angry too. But gold and jap is admin that means they are god. They are untouchable. but we are just fucking users,cant do anything to admins,when we report them they get simple warning. what is the difference between us? Now,PanzeR is worse than all of us. He has all bad things. Insulting, Provoking,being toxic,ramming,blocking,racism,advertising. When we report he gets just a simple warning. 30 days mute. What is his difference? He is son of god? or we all different ? Haxardous told about if he avoid mute he will get ban 3-6 months. Well,I reported it with proofs but just a mute on discord? Where is balance? Where is justice? When I ask these questions to admins they answer us like "The Life Is Not Fair." So try to give some attention for have some justice? PanzeR must be banned or all of I mentioned guys must be unbanned. Just be fair. That is all thanks if you read all of these. Love all my friends.
  7. nevernotatall

    PanzeR Avoiding mute

    Your ingame name : @ChowBoy (Filipy), @KneeLzy, @nevernotatall (VenomouS) The player's name who you are reporting : PanzeR Which server are you requesting this? MTA/Mix The reason why this player should get banned Hax told us if he avoid mute he will get ban,now here you see @Haxardous
  8. nevernotatall

    Shooter Sunday

    One more please,I will join this one
  9. nevernotatall

    Playing on a virtual machine

    I murdered it because I like blacklist
  10. nevernotatall

    Playing on a virtual machine

    stop spamming and whitelist is dead
  11. nevernotatall

    I'm gay (and I'm a furry)

    give me your adress we will change the roles
  12. nevernotatall

    unbann request

    Good Luck:)
  13. nevernotatall

    Insults/ provokes

    Mike is right,you dont have a brain
  14. nevernotatall

    Insults/ provokes

    hahahaha sure
  15. nevernotatall

    Insults/ provokes

    he should have one for grow it up but its sadly he doesnt have one maybe he can beg to god for give him one ;d
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