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  1. Your ingame name : japaneseaethetics The player's name who you are reporting : *MaRiAnA Which server are you requesting this? Race The reason why this player should get banned: according to the rules in global chat, you need to communicate only in English, he ignored these rules, after I warned him, he insulted me
  2. missth

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    Good luck!
  3. missth

    Military Admin Application

    Good luck! Жыве беларусь!
  4. missth

    Moderator application - Hemix

    friend I've been waiting for an answer since the summer, no need to push berg, patience
  5. missth

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    sure no, good luck !!!! Im kidding
  6. missth

    Map Event

    mix infinite(nicks sh map) superpowered(nicks too)
  7. missth

    moroccan toxic

    I'm sorry, I can't write here, but still, but when you offend people, they feel as uncomfortable as you do now, my friend all evil comes back like a boomerang
  8. missth

    Kashio's Admin Application

    Good luck!
  9. missth

    polish toxic

    Your ingame name: AoS|miss The player's name who you are reporting: Afro Which server are you requesting this? Mix The reason why this player should get banned: A very toxic person, always insults and sticks to his mother, speaks Polish to absolutely everyone, behaves inappropriately on the server. I'm not a conflict person, it's just not the first time I've heard this insult twoja matka kurwa - your mother bitch, its in polish language.
  10. missth

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    a new genre of sports - hold out on a plane with a flo
  11. missth

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    dubby and miss = ctf lovers
  12. missth

    moderator app

    Gameserver: Mix, Race. Age: 17 (2003 June 15) Country of origin: Lithuania Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198833160563 Discord name **: missyou.#2169 Ingame name: AoS|missyou, miss, japaneseaestethics Hello, my name is Edgar i am from Lithuania country, me 17 y.o, now study in Vilnius College to IT area, i know a lot languages(russian, lithuanian, polish, english), in free time doing repairing and upgrading my motorcycle, mostly building with my father. I have a lot time of time to play in this server, moderator is
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