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  1. OMG Some tunisian has joind MrGreen , Finally Okay so skander m always ingame Active all the time so tnajeem tess2lni 3alli t7eb my ingame name : ( GuiZada~) u can ask me whatever u want ! welcome
  2. GuiZada

    how to

    Oh hey Brahim ! i saw you before 30 min ago and u r tunsian 😜so bch nfassarlek bettounsi jajajaj donc to activate the gc just lezmk taaml compte ...automatiquement tnajem ttsaref fihom techry w l fazet lkoll Hope we will be friends w ken 7achtk b2ay 7aja hani ba7dhek ( GuiZada~) ess2lni wa9telli theb .Welcome
  3. GuiZada

    Ban or mute Camel

    If u don't have any screenshot that will not help u take screenshot with f12 and then come and post it
  4. Yayyy ❤️❤️❤️ Good Job ^^
  5. GuiZada

    Clan war suggestions

    No XD actually we want KoM join the CW cause without them we can't find the real competition whereas they make the atmosphere more funny ..
  6. GuiZada

    BoNd's Moderator Application

    Good Luck Bharat 😉
  7. GuiZada

    What Should i do -,-

    I really don't know How. but the game has worked again ! M back
  8. GuiZada

    What Should i do -,-

    Mean i'll stop playing for a month ?? OMG .. however ty GOldy , laca , SAndro and dub
  9. GuiZada

    What Should i do -,-

    Btw what was That ?? What happend to me today !!!
  10. GuiZada

    What Should i do -,-

    I did but nothing changed :3 i CAN't play MTA :'( m bored
  11. GuiZada

    What Should i do -,-

    Ummm the fisrt pic says : select the MTA installation directory .. and when i select the pic 2 come and says : want to start MTA but it froze nothing to install when i press "Annuler" mean Cancel the 3rd pic come and says : some registry key is missing please reset MTA.. idk nothing is missed and it ask me if u need help on web but it rly doesn't help me that's why m asking here... i rly wo'n't stop playing MrGreen !! What a luck ...
  12. GuiZada

    What Should i do -,-

    Idk i was like always starting to play MTA but today Boom i can't.. i tryed to unistall it and do it again but nothing changed . Help !
  13. GuiZada

    Mod application

    even in ur your answer u r provoking now i didn't like the way u talk be more respectful . first of all i said i didn't took any screen from the day that i join to now cause i rly don't care about u or about what u say and i don't waste my time about making screen for silly things but if u did as i say make sure that u begin and now i'll ignore u and i'll let cena do he's job ( Hope u don't answer ha ) and btw m not reporting u here i just say the truth
  14. GuiZada

    Mod application

    And u do all this why ? to get the mod appli WTF ?? i can tell cena to lock my mode i don't want any appli while u r annoying e all the time u gonna make troubles for me we all know u and u will be free now u can do whatever u want just let me alone are u happy now ? go ahead and do what u want and search about another guy to fight with Him u really such a silly guy laca idk why but m always get surprised about ur "kids behaviour"