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  1. GwiZada

    I can Help !!

    Well i was bored and i said why not i make a banner or a photo for this server so i made this image below i know it's not good well but i hope u like i can change many things just i wait ur comments and i can do better just tell me ;D .. Umm m thinking to help also the youtube channel cause i can make banner and thumbnails , edit some videos and montage . Okay this is the photo hope u like and i can do better Bye ( wait for ur comments ;D )
  2. GwiZada

    MrGreen Youtube channel

    WELL i have a youtube channel i can help in anytime u want ( banner , montage , cotrole .... ) i can make videos also ;S i can do thumbnails also
  3. GwiZada

    Jump higher in SH

    Heyy napo to jump hight use ( Shift + ctrl ) [ ctrl , before shift ] Welcome ;D
  4. GwiZada

    Clan war tournament #1

    Excuse me !! first of all i don't want to [fight with u] second m just asking ..i even don't know that he said " random " third i didn't said that is ur fault that i'm not well in mega jump why u always ... nvm { improve ur english }
  5. GwiZada

    Clan war tournament #1

    Hi cena , well i suggeest if it's possible in SH only maps with super jump cause some ppl ( like me ) can't play with mega jump :3 so i hope u can do it ❤️ 😜Thank you !!