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  1. Accident

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    This was nice. ty Cena ^^
  2. Accident

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Well I would like to join as KoM|Chickenbutt... butt I dunno if we can get up to 5 members online that the same time
  3. Accident

    qReW Moderator Application

    Good luck
  4. Accident

    Double GreenCoins

    Seriously? Why not?
  5. Accident

    Double GreenCoins

    I will contribute again. But I need to ask something in return before I contribute. Check this thread: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19902-mix-nts-metallica-tour-nts-lets-go-baby-deleted/ I need these maps restored before I make my contribution.
  6. Hi skynet, the maps don't need fixing, they are as they should be. If there was a problem with them experienced MIX players like Goldberg or Flipper (whom are also map managers) would have deleted them long ago. The maps are kind of iconic, Let's go, baby is one of the first "long maps" uploaded, Metallica Tour is just... plain awesome. Both these maps are among the most popular maps on the server, frequently being bought. They have been played hundreds of times, -if not thousands of times-, for several years, and I've never seen anyone complain about them. Removing them and the stats just like that is just brutal, it's like removing the benox maps from race.
  7. These 2 iconic old maps have been deleted, IMHO for no good reason. Metallica Tour supposedly has a problem with boats at CP 14 - this is bulls***. Any player who plays NTS regularly knows how to handle boats and that CP has no problem. You just need skillz. There is nothing wrong with this old awesome map. Let's go, baby supposedly has too long distance between CPs. Why would this be a problem? This map has been on the server for years, predating maps like the Marathon series and I haven't seen anyone complaining about it. Can we please restore these maps?
  8. Accident

    MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    NTS Journey 4 NTS Sprint
  9. Accident

    JansseJr Moderator Application

    Good luck
  10. Accident

    MIX server complaints

    Hey guys, not complaining just wanted to let you know that when you disabled snow on race it stayed on mix. please disable it on mix as well :-) Happy new year!
  11. Accident

    MTA 1.5.3 (AleksCore edition)

    Awesome Aleks! Good job and thank you :-)
  12. Accident

    TopTimes on the web

    Looks interesting. It would also be cool to have a list similar to how good ol' Littlewhiteys MTA sever handled player stats (see pic). As I recall, you could click a player name in the list and you could then see the maps on which that player had a top 1 time. You could choose to sort the list by the different columns. Good stuff :-)


    (once we married i will pregnant u in the bum)

    1. CochonAlcolique


      ...hmm chicky I think u forgot to tell me bout that story :rolleyes:

    2. ChickenAttack


      he banned crashy from kum apparently cuz crashy said ''marry me'' to nibje....:rolleyes:

    3. ChickenAttack


      oh nvm i thought this was a silly man thing. turns out nibje didnt like it too, so yes crashy screwed up whatever it was

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