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  1. MightySoul

    Shooter must be better on Mr Green Community

    It was only suggestion, thanks again.
  2. I will talk about different subject, it's about Shooter gamemode : Some friends like me are uncomfortable with this issue. (Anti Kmz and Ground Kill problems etc.), ( only need prevent ground kills and anti kmz must be come ) to be honest, most of the people who don't know how to play on Shooter gamemode, they're doing groundkill and kmz all time. Only for ruin my game and other people's games, and lagger people problems, its really being boring.(maybe someone have got same minds as mine) Brief, it will offer more comfort. (i think) Thank you for interest!
  3. MightySoul

    CTF, DL and MH

    Remove these gamemodes except DeadLine (i meant CTF and MH= Time Wasting). That will be better i think.
  4. MightySoul

    Not Enough?!

    Every game they're provoking&insulting to us,we don't listen them but they are continuning to bother us. we haven't enthusiasm to play game in the server Finally thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter. Nicknames : Filippy (racist) , TastedWeed (Pandito,blocker,racist) , race (blocker,racist) and KneeLz There are some screenshots about them : On this screenshot , race blocked me and hobbit and prevented us game by missing his checkpoints On this screenshot , Pandito tried to block me but his block was failed so he's toxic there On this screenshot , he insulting as he wishes (lmao) he does it always On this screenshot , he insulted to some new members of Server (He does it always to new members) On this screenshot , he insulting and provoking me. On this screenshot , (he's name is race) you can see one of racist. On this screenshot , he said the 'terrorist' (i don't even want to use this word) to my race. On this screenshot , pandito again can't stand to me and insulting ofcourse. On this screenshot , he's provoking me. On this too , he's provoking me again without reason. He's still provoking me lmfao (trust me i don't know what is the reason) On this screenshot , he's provoking me with his friend. On this too , he's still provoking&insulting to me. On this screenshot , i don't know reason again , pandito is insulting to me. On this Filippy still is provoking&insulting to me. On this screenshot too , filippy insulting to me with his friends. That's enough for now! I hope those screenshots are enough for punishements for these guys. Topic by 'PanzeR,Hobbit and Arrog'.
  5. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    I gave it to you because you were need it still didn't understand stop provoking me what the fuck is this shit dude I just joined the game and these guys start to provoke me again whereas i did nothing,but when i join encounter these situation
  6. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    Never without reason? Explain
  7. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    CLOSED Admins will take care of that
  8. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    I hope too there isnt any fault from me cause of i already got their punishs These are old screenshots i dont know maybe i will get punish again,who know but you should long time ban because of your insults,provokes,racism and insulting to religion... top many reasons ban for you
  9. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    Mom things? What did you mean? I just talking with him without insult Not ask all players I just asked once time to him lmfao
  10. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    You didnt get enough... Banned? I already gave up you still saying same shit again lmao.
  11. MightySoul

    Insults/ provokes

    Cmon man i was talking with him only without insult maybe two words only where is the big problem? I was kidding with him thats all because he was annoying with players. I think this community needs a real proofs lemme send it I'm sure these proofs are enough for punishement each guy. I didn't do anything to these boys.Don't punish for nothing.
  12. MightySoul

    Shooter Sunday

    lol, I can beat you now lets come here, (invite Mr Green players to another aim and beat them = pro) xD most of the person are scared don't come Im just offering thats all If you thinking you beated me, with ur waits Normally you can't
  13. MightySoul

    mekuar did it 10 times

    and? it looks like nothing to yours For example: When you killed from me you starting to say 'when will panzer get ban,muted guy,when is the mute' etc.
  14. MightySoul

    mekuar did it 10 times

    Dude your always provoking me when i join the game what is the reason? Do you hate me or what? What did i do to get mute i don't know that
  15. MightySoul

    mekuar did it 10 times

    I got one day mute by mekuar again I already got one week mute from a Berg but he muted me again for a shitty reasons and i don't know these reasons But i have a idea why he does it maybe he defeated by me it must be reason Please help guys he always doing that (give him a chance) ? to what extent???
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