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  1. Patya

    Leon constantly insulting me

    This guy insults me everytime he join and I'm online,and even rams me and ruins my race. He also insults me in his language and probably write racist messages about Hungarians (idk what they mean but they don't sound very nice)
  2. Patya


    Is it your rule or the server's?If it's the server's,it makes no sense cos' both Titten maps contain pornographic pictures.
  3. Patya

    Subject Of Prohibition ( Banned)

    It says because advertising.
  4. Patya

    andrex97 Application

    Well,this simple topic turned to be an interesting one. Okan actually has very good deliverance skills,but I have to disagree with his opinions about Andrex.It's not easy to realize that they don't like each other,so that's why the fight has been started. He is actually a helpful person who tries to make the server and its community better,example making a theme and make paintjobs for other players for FREE. (Yeah,you have to pay for the paintjob perk in-game,but not for him,it's just for the feature.) And no,no asslicking,there were days when I didn't like him,but he earned back my respect by his selfless and positive behavior. And who other non-admin/moderator player deserves to be "nominated"? I think he still could the job better than some actual moderators and admins,refer to the "I-muted-him-just-because-Kash-reported-the-person" conception,which is well known about the harassed people were actually the reported ones,by Kash's troll reports. But moving back,this server really needs some improvement and accepting him as a moderator wouldn't be a wrong step in my opinion.I will respect your opinion @tehslimif you don't agree with me,but I hope the thunder between you and Andrex will fade away.
  5. Next account:CAMELLLLLL

  6. Patya

    What was the origin of your name?

    Happy new year too,Camel.
  7. Patya

    bug team members

    Did he make the API?
  8. Patya

    bug team members

    Oh no,looks like this problem just doesn't want to be solved. 😥
  9. Patya

    andrex97 Application

    Good luck!
  10. Patya

    What was the origin of your name?

    My irl name is Pál (Paul in Hungarian),and back then (2 or 3 y ago) my friend gave the name Patya and people started to call me this name. So,I usually use this nick,i was also known as GP or GP97 few years ago,but changed it into Patya. Sometimes,I use the Vaperror nickname,because he is one of my favourite artists. And finally.It's not a female name,because Hungarians pronounce "ty" different.
  11. Patya

    Leaving Mr. Green

    I joined quite recently,but thank you for everything you made. And wish you a good luck,Cena.