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  1. V4POR

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Name:Break 300 Glass Server:Race Author:DzinyMaster Reason:I will show you the whole map in a video,you will understand it.Sadly,I cannot upload it to Discord,but you have to watch this.This map is unspeakably bad. Even the map title is incorrect. MTA_ San Andreas 2020-06-30 23-36-38.mp4
  2. I still don't know what is the purpose of clubs, can't do anything here.
  3. V4POR


    Didn't know, thought I can share my opinion. I was there when Mabbyn said that.
  4. V4POR


    No matter if he didn't make the right form,a simple fuck you (since the second one isn't 100% proven) just isn't serious enough to mute someone,and he didn't go too far by saying that.Probably it was because you rammed him or something.
  5. V4POR

    Who's still playing L4D2?

    I don't.
  6. V4POR

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    Weak diss,but I suggested those because they're popular maps and most of players like them. (NTS and CM maps). I would rather play them instead of shitty maps like city clan steps or promap etc...
  7. V4POR

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    PARTLY luck-based.You can still fail not depending which vehicles you drive.Or you still need skills to use the Fly item correctly. Luck-based maps are just random,you don't need any skills to do that.Like the Dinghy falls one, you don't even have to press any button,only at the end.So the result of the luck-based maps rely mostly from the physics of the game. So that's the difference. I don't get your opinion either.Why can't we exclude maps?There are many which just simply can't fit to an event.We should exclude fustrating maps,because that would offensive for most of the participants.Everyone should have equal chance,and not taking advantage of map knowledge. My map suggestion contained 8 mrgreen maps and only 2 BBS-related stuff by the way,I think it's not discriminating. Also,winner should has double vote count-that's also sounds cringe..
  8. V4POR

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    I also suggest to ban grom from the event
  9. V4POR

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    Here are some suggestions from me: 1.Time set We must play the event when the player count peaks.So I think we should play it at the weekend (Friday or Saturday,maybe Sunday).The event can be started from 6 PM to 8 PM. 2.No hydra maps I agree with it,we won't need those kind of maps.Many players don't like them,and it would make lot of them angry. 3.Variety of maps I agree with it,this is a mrgreen race event,so we should have a colourful selection of maps. So must have a Yoshi map.I hate Pachanga,but I'm not the main organiser.If his map will be selected,it should be Hesoyam (however it contains fly parts),or the one with speed-up quads. Core Marker and Never The Same (the original!) maps are important,those maps are unpredictable,so we must include. Other good mappers are Reiko,pondfiller and Stroth. However: a,No luck-based maps I know that NTS and CM maps are partly luck-based,but you still need some skills to win them. But there are some maps that are surely lottery-like. For example:Pachanga Mortal CP,olympic-jump,Dinghy Falls,Noob Cannon. These maps are also too short,so that's another reason why we shouldn't have them. b,No drag maps Including them would be a waste, and the event would be end too early, even by including one map like this. For example:Cara Delevingne,Nookie,STR8KASH-Big Mac,10 Second Drag,Simple Drag,TicTocIsThePope etc. c,No boring maps I think I don't have to explain it. For example:ShadowXiro!,Yoyo maps,YWA-Blaah,Linerider or Trial maps (2d maps with bikes),Long Way Around,Jakeh_Raceh d,No bike maps It's based on my personal opinion,but I just don't want to spam buttons to win. e,No fustrating or bad maps This one is the most important.These maps would just ruin event, don't include any of these. Blacklist:I wanna find my destiny maps,Titten maps..goddamnit,no stuff from Hulpje overall TryHarder Around The World by STB Happybike,BMX Pepa,clan city steps by danny nl Für Abrahax,I wanna ride my bicycle maps,Tropria Sciborea,Chase the Checkpoint Antidepressant,Sebas v 10-A great adventure No Tesla Maps No Dziny Maps Ich bin expert promap Ywa-Omtwtfbbq Mr.SDK Gravity Style Go Straight ItsComingDown 4.No entry fee This one is also optional, but I think we can declude it. What if a player don't have the GC amount to register?And some players may won't like it,so it can reduce the participants. 5.My map suggestions 1.Never The Same (by BinSlayer) 2.Core Marker Map (most likely Alenator Always) 3 and 4:CW map and a normal racing map (like Royal Flush) 5.Yoshi map (for example:Sylvia,however players may would hate it) 6.10 Laps Hotring: Personal suggestion,it has non-gm,so that would bring a little chaos 7.pondfiller map 8.Reiko map (can be circuit map,so that makes it more colourful) 9.Offroad map (Dra Dragondakar series or 4x4 Dirt Ride,or WRC Russia and WRC maps by Csena) 10.Jump Motherfucker Jump or CircuitISH or Different Roads
  10. V4POR

    Goodbye Mrgreen!

    This is sad actually.
  11. V4POR

    /day command

    I also used borderless window mode,nighttime maps are barely playable on that setting,basically you drive blindly. Agree with that command.
  12. At least you have a positive mentality, I appreciate this.
  13. I think Ka4a puts even more effort to his maps than Reiko,I mean just look at the designs of some maps.And the different textures,cars,and sometimes even the skybox.There is a lot of work of it,takes a few days,even weeks to create a map like the map "Race 2018" (I think that's the right year) The main problem is that he doesn't concentrate on the enjoy factor of the map,he focuses on the design part.Some maps are just boring,too long and most of the time the modded car has bad controls.Modded vehicles should be like the WRC Race maps from Csena.Fast as hell. But yet he has still made good maps,like his recent map called "The flood".And I also like his map "High-Speed Skyline" and "High Speed Mustang vs Police". I think he has a goal to make something unique and awesome, not just creating random mess like the Dziny and Tesla maps. He needs to test the maps by the perspective of gameplay,not just the lag and glitch.He could be a good mapper like Reiko,if he understands that the map must be exciting and not too boring.
  14. V4POR

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    I was there when it happened, but my attention wasn't on that message,I was morr interested what happened between Kash and the Polish Paradise clan. I think you should ask him "what's your problem with me" or "why did you insult me in turkish".Maybe he would say sorry or something like that.But now it seems like that you felt offended and reported him inmediately. I also don't know the reason why he dropped an insult,because "polish gang" isn't an insult. Btw,moxxdee isn't really active on this server,so a mute won't cause much trouble to him.
  15. V4POR

    What video game are you currently playing right now?

    @Earnhardt Looks like the same thing happened.
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