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  1. V4POR

    Please Take Care of About Them

    Hitman really loves drama.
  2. V4POR

    unfair ban

    I think he is right. Give him a chance.
  3. V4POR

    Diego İnsulting and provoking

    I have to admit that this guy is also toxic to everyone. He has been banned on different servers,but in my opinion,you should ignore him,he is so cringe.
  4. Hi VWG followers!
  5. V4POR

    Mr. Green 13th anniversary ideas

    Remove shitty maps from race.
  6. V4POR

    Thanks to everyone!

    Good idea @Dale
  7. V4POR

    Thanks to everyone!

    Congratulations! Time passed so fast. Let me rate the last few months.Only from my view. Positive things: -A lot of bugs has been fixed,mostly those that are ruined the gameplay and some functions (just like the hydra glitch in my case or the no name bug at f6/teams) -You are a person who cares about the community,listen others' advice and really trying for improve the server itself.(#suggestions,#support channel on Discord) And you're highly active which is a plus point. -Some cool new functions (for example hiding players at the beginning of the race, Leaderboards and Tops online,transfer gcs) -Nice team of developers,and they do their job very well,and they seem reliable. -I see some improvement of moderator and admin system. -You created VIP system,which is a new way to exchange donations.As I can see,it's working,a good amount of money has been donated.And you even announce some discounts. -You still don't give up(regardless from some negative opinions) and want to make things better. -MrGreen stayed a nice community with lots of good guys. Negative things: -Looks like you (and your team) keep focus more at the Mix server and state the Race server as the less important one. I refer for the Mix Tournament for example.Race server still needs some improvement,I mean there isn't really map quality control. -The VIP system has some disadvantages.It has some cool features,but as I told before,I think it's most likely for Mix players.Should has some functions that are worth to buy it. -It's a taboo topic,but the amount of players has been decreased visibly,I don't know why.As I experience,some of my Hungarian teammates became inactive or play another games. -VIP replaced Music player -Clan system is outdated.It has only one leader,and if he or she becomes inactive or banned, the clan most likely be dead,because others cant invite members,so the team or clan will get a major handicap. The only change I have seen about the clans is the price of renewing,it become more expensive.And let's be honest,it isn't really an improve.So I would suggest more roles (just like multiple owners or semi-owners etc.) +Tip:Get some DDOS protection. I wish you the best for the future!
  8. V4POR


    Ah shit,here we go again.
  9. V4POR


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      Sorry I cannot add any more reactions today.

  10. V4POR

    Hacker joker

    I think it was just a glitch. I've seen this guy a lot,but never seen doing this stuff. It will be considered,if he does this thing again.
  11. V4POR

    Summer Sale!

    No problem,it wasn't predictable.
  12. V4POR

    Summer Sale!

    I should wait for 2 more days
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