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  1. V4POR

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    V4POR97 - Added
  2. V4POR

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Looks horrible.
  3. V4POR

    Venom's admins ap

    Still better than the generic "wHeN i'M oNlIne i sEe nO aDmInS aNd MoDeRaToRs,aNd i'M mAtUrE and HaVe GoOd SenSe oF hUmoUr and i WilL pUnisH rUlebReAkeRs aNd ToXiC PeOpLe".And the "ap" makes it even better. However,there is still a no from me.
  4. V4POR

    Pictures of thyself

    Oh I thought that's the Nick from NGR
  5. V4POR

    Map Event

    Nick:V4POR Race map:12Track Mix map: [NTS] Marathon
  6. V4POR

    V4POR Unban Request

    Your in-game name:V4POR Date of your ban:2020.09.02 What game/server are you banned from: MTA Race/Mix server Who banned you (only if you know who):Haxardous Reason why you got banned (only if you know why):possibly avoiding mute Reason why we should unban you: I apologize for breaking rules.I don't want 7 days ban for such reason. And I want to participate the Map Event, and I don't want to miss it,just for a mistake by myself. Post your SteamID if you're banned on a Source-based game (Minecraft and MTA are excluded)! If banned on MTA, post you
  7. V4POR

    Screenshot + Video Thread

  8. V4POR

    MoshPit Demote Request

    So should I record all the time I'm playing? I mean, most of the time I don't feel like I need capture something, and I think the other players think the same,too.We are just playing here spontaneous, just for have some fun. Insults are easy to capture, but ramming/blocking is not, because very little percentage of players are recording their gameplay. The only infamous case of recording/capturing was Kash,only because he took advantage of recording all his gameplay,so he could easily made reports. In my case, I'm not a fan of making reports, I only do when it's necessary
  9. V4POR

    MoshPit Demote Request

    This is not a ban/mute request,but it fits in this topic. I'm talking about the worst admin ever in MrGreen history.I wonder how he made it,maybe back then he was a nice guy,but nowadays he is far from that. The whole admin job is just not fitting to him.When he is online,he is mostly afk,he doesn't do anything,and only punish those he doesn't like. Remember the Kash case?Mosh was behind of all,because he let Kash do almost anything he wanted.He was untouchable because Mosh.This case itself deserves a demote for him. But he went even further.He definitely doesn't behave li
  10. V4POR

    Bind button to ingame command

    Well,I haven't seen you posting like this before
  11. V4POR

    Bind button to ingame command

    Nice tip Nick,but you still haven't convinced me for you being a moderator.
  12. V4POR

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Name:Break 300 Glass Server:Race Author:DzinyMaster Reason:I will show you the whole map in a video,you will understand it.Sadly,I cannot upload it to Discord,but you have to watch this.This map is unspeakably bad. Even the map title is incorrect. MTA_ San Andreas 2020-06-30 23-36-38.mp4
  13. I still don't know what is the purpose of clubs, can't do anything here.
  14. V4POR


    Didn't know, thought I can share my opinion. I was there when Mabbyn said that.
  15. V4POR


    No matter if he didn't make the right form,a simple fuck you (since the second one isn't 100% proven) just isn't serious enough to mute someone,and he didn't go too far by saying that.Probably it was because you rammed him or something.
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