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  1. V4POR

    Why Want unmute now

    I would rather leave the community tbh,if I would have to follow this order for exchange to unban. It would make myself a slave.
  2. V4POR

    Why Want unmute now

  3. Interesting,when Nostral bought the same maps for 2-3 months and 3 times per day (especially besiktas and Hell Choose Me),there was silence,noone even complained about it,except Nick. While this phenomenon made many players quit the game. At least,these maps are popular among the players on race server. And now,when the Coremarker maps got bought constantly, there is already a forum post that says "remove coremarker maps from race server." I admit that these maps can get really boring after 6 maps like this were bought,but this is rather a player related problem,because they buy them
  4. V4POR

    Undo Deletion map Wanna destiny

    No.Way.To.Reupload.That. Get this fact to your mind.
  5. V4POR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    "Full screenshot" I was on mix for like 1 minute,and did a ragequit,you can see that I've quit. So the mocking didn't actually work. My words were not nice I know,but it was caused by rage,it doesn't mean that you should post it to my topic. I feel like that it was just a campaign to degrade me. I don't comment the other parts,because I think you haven't read my app. Btw, 3 minuses,looking good.
  6. V4POR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    I don't like SH, I don't hide this secret. Cutting this and paste this into an application wasn't really a smart idea from you,since I've seen many stuff members posting worse messages than this. It's like I'm taking a taking a screenshot from a message from Military when he did rage about something,and post the picture to his application. Also,this role was meant to be for race server,I wanted to do nothing to mix. Regarding the fact you posted this,I hope you won't make it to admin.
  7. V4POR

    Military Admin Application

    @-TESLA-Accept the fact that the big part of race community don't like your maps because most of them are overly fustrating. Don't act innocent.
  8. V4POR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    I don't agree with your statement with Pachanga and I actually like offroad maps, I think you mixed it up with bike maps. I still find map manager role more important than moderator/admin. My low chance isn't because that I'm not even a moderator. It's because most admins don't have a positive opinion/experience about/with me. Anyways, thanks for sharing a honest,but competent opinion, unlike Kash and Mosh did.
  9. V4POR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    Mateoryt: 1. I don't want to make second ffs server. I would keep many special maps (yoshi,classic nts,coremarker,zhyll,pondfiller,some tesla's etc.), I would only delete boring/unenjoyable maps (pachanga,yoyo,face maps mostly) and also maps that are in the category overly fustrating and maps with huge dislike amount. 2. I also think that are far from enough admins and moderators on this server, and players still make admin/mod applications frequently, so why is that a problem if I make a map manager application? Also,the current map managers think in a slightly or a completely
  10. V4POR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    Would it hurt for you if I delete Pachanga maps?
  11. V4POR

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    "Crying" is the most overused phrase of those who can't afford negative critics.
  12. V4POR

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    I agree with most of Hitman's opinion.
  13. Game: MTA Server: Race Age: 23 Country of origin: Hungary Discord name: V4POR#7651 In-game name: V4POR Hi everyone! Since even Dziny had enough self-confidence to make an application, I thought that I may can try luck,too. I'm an active player on race server since June 2018.Over the 2 and a half years,I've came across every maps,and judged what maps I like and what I don't. I'm not a well-respected player,but as a proverb says: "Hope dies last." First of all, my goal is not earning power, but rather improve the gameplay of
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