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    pro world of tanks blitz - blitzstars.com/Zull01o

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  1. deeznuts

    About Anthony~Vz

    i think insults arent really the thing but if u lose in some aspect you are very offensive on chat, you can even focus the player on sh, dd or nts just bcs u hate him. IMO its not how u should represent Mr. Green Gaming.
  2. deeznuts

    Zullolo's Admin/Helper application.

    yea Happy New Year guys! Ty Devil, Kneelzy
  3. Hello Mr. Green Gaming Users, Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Country: Poland Languages: English, Polish, Deutsch Server: MIX In game nick: Zullolo Discord: Zullolo#1028 My name is Bartłomiej (Bartek) Maciąg, I'm 16 years old, I'm studying in high school. I think how old I'm doesnt matter in thia case, I know where my own intelligence sets limits. I was always a person to help others mentally, talk about sadness and peace. I tell some 'funny' jokes from time to time, Its not the case which im strong at but i care about atmosphere that carries me and other people. Many Green gaming server players think I'm dumb or insulting guy who doesnt know how to behave or something. Past years were very unfortunete for me, I had reasons why i insulted others, everyone had time in his life when He/She had no hope. I always care about everyone on server i try to help new players or players who are being offended by others. And yes I have some 'enemies' but i never want the guy that i have drama with to die or wish him dea**, i try to joke to make him mad a bit but overall i think i have never insulted someone till he cried or got mental damage after, I'm sorry for everything. My overall thought was i always care about everyone in a good way. Kneelzy might come now and say: no, just because one day i roasted him at everyone eyes(like week or less ago). When ever he sees me on server he insults me with bad words, without using arguments, so he is in bad possition now (I dont want to say which, obvious ones). Kneelzy, I dont want to have u mad on server, I'm sorry. And P0L i didnt insult u a couple of days ago i can even send u pics of chat so dont say i insulted u ok? I think you know what i talked about because u offered me something. Anthony~Vz is very offensive player IMO, I can tell you my opinion about him separate of this topic so dont consider his opinion about me in my application, thanks. As I'm applying for Admin or Helper i have read rules, everything you had, And got used to it. I'm very fair IRL i never stole money or robbed a shop and never lied in an exchange with other people. As Admin I think I will look at players problem on server in possitive way for them or for sake of keeping server fair. I can help you with extending rules on mrgreengaming, thats why i have said 'Helper', as i think they are a bit poor but only if u want. I won't make other my friends favors if they behave against rules of Mr. Green Gaming I'm World Of Tanks Blitz pro player, I'm very known person in Poland in that aspect. (nick: Zull01o) I believe in God, He is my basis, Thanks for reading and i hope i didnt take too much time from ur very important life, I'm sorry for every mistake i made, Im open for any calls on Discord about admin application. Zullolo
  4. deeznuts

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    They want to participate? I dont know if we need to see them writing it.
  5. deeznuts

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    i think we have enough new participants to make 6th group. Are u thinking of making it?
  6. deeznuts

    MTA Christmas event!

    mix: [SH]Superstar race:mariana 2( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. deeznuts


    CTF is nuts i was thinking about making new ctf map anyway thanks for stopping me :DD
  8. deeznuts


    Now you only have to add DeathMatch mode
  9. deeznuts

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    change some rtf maps they require 0 skill only experience how to pass them
  10. deeznuts

    Moderator Application

    im maan~. zullolol and im kebab master nooniezle is amateur
  11. deeznuts

    Moderator Application

    its me maan~.
  12. deeznuts

    BoNd's Admin Application

    i want ulas to be admin 😎 gl
  13. deeznuts


    gl hitting man 🤣