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  1. JagdTiger

    discord mute

    So, i got muted bcs i wrote this(i guess): I dont know by who, thats why im protesting here ofc. No one replied to that in game and on discord so like nothing happened, but after some time when i come back after 1 hour i cant type bcs im muted. I would like to suggest that admins or mods who mute on discord give info with mentioned ppl in their mute info, so its not a sneaky kill from behind anymore. Thanks.
  2. JagdTiger

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Camel PRO xDD
  3. JagdTiger

    GreenCoins double exchange rate!

    who wants damn steam money man? >Me
  4. JagdTiger

    Jama blocker

    My IGN: Zullolo IGN of reported player: FapJama / FaPJama.PhD server: MIX reason: Blocking screenshots:
  5. JagdTiger


    For now just close this topic like nothing happened, u can delete it completely if u can OK:)?
  6. JagdTiger


  7. naaab

    1. Bopmerb


      Hello mah boi 🚴‍♂️

    2. ChickenAttack



    3. JagdTiger


      hoii ma polla amigo yarrak :D

  8. JagdTiger

    hard panishment

    Cena, or whoever is or will try to get things clear - sorry for responding this topic with many posts, honest opinions are on top, steam keeps posting words that are worthless to read even but i just cant leave it like that, hope u understand and not be angry about my stupid decidion to respond him .
  9. JagdTiger

    hard panishment

    lol all u can do is call Everyone - kid, child. You did not answer or defend yourself, i think you dont have enough proof to say maina isn't right so please dont even talk here, you are wasting everyones time to read what u write, worthless...
  10. JagdTiger

    hard panishment

    u didnt answer my post at all kid, u provoked him to say words he said to u by pm and u say now he destroyed fun of other players by him sending u private message that no one even sees. He has better trust rating than u, u provoke everyone and many ppl think u are arogant so it doesnt matter if u got or not banned in the past, u work for ppl to think u are great person whole time. Not only admins decide about banning or muting so players opinion matters too and u talk to most of ppl: st*u, kid, cry, thats why ur trust rating is much lower than his and Anthony shouldnt react to ur report like he did.
  11. JagdTiger

    hard panishment

    maina is old good member of mrgreen's community, most ppl like him and know he isn't inulting normally, it was just one action of not many that happened. My honest opinion is Maina doesnt deserve ban at all, Steam is normally provoking ppl and he saw a joke from maina, bcs it wasnt pure insult just bcs he didnt say anything personal, just empty words, he knew it was a joke but he can't not take such oppurtunity to report someone that he maybe doesnt like. hope you understand the situation. You cant take steam's reports seriously, just a funny action from him reporting such a "thing".
  12. JagdTiger

    New reaction types

    trophy cup means thanks? hmm it still misses some reactions like
  13. JagdTiger

    (VIDEO) Give this kiddo a good punishment (FapJama)

    making videos of poor players... GOOD WORK
  14. JagdTiger

    Have you ever cryed with a game?

    I remember i cried bcs i had huge lose streak in phone game clash royale couldnt win shit so tilted xd
  15. JagdTiger

    SH tournament

    why would u make reward in euro, make only in gcs, u should earn more money for server
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