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  1. JagdTiger

    DJ|Tommy blocker MIX

    player reported: DJ|Tommy / Tommy me: MASS1VE / Zullolo
  2. JagdTiger

    Civan`s Admin Application

    good luck Mr. Turkour
  3. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    "Hahahah", only thing that describes ur post, idk what have you found, I don't know if u have found anything more interesting than in ur log. And u aren't in the topic, so I would suggest u not to post not needed information. If u want, u can go and report me, but u ain't clearer than me + I used more than 2 nicks, maybe u missed it.
  4. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    You are again changing the topic, what you are saying has nothing to situation, so I wont argument how wrong you are now. I have proofs and witness on my side, so lets just wait till someone from administration takes a look on it and closes the topic.
  5. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    Okay, to make job easier for you and to be fair. I called him by "gay" word once, but after 5 minutes of listening to his non sense chat messages, i didnt include it in screenshots showcased here, I'm sorry for that. That was the reason Sandro muted me (1 hour), I'm not saying mute was incorrect, He got on in wrong moment, so he couldn't know. Even after Sandro got me muted, Dron54 said on chat "gay is hunting my ass" when i tried to kill him on dd, Sandro was on, no reaction. (this one i also didnt include, reason: I was leaving the server and I didnt screenshot it)
  6. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    After u muted me, he also called me homosexual more than once on ur eyes, He is clearly not behaving like he got provoked.
  7. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    salty ppl talking about salty ppl, fun fact sandro, but its not the topic here. I would argument it (if u rly want, we can discuss here) but like i said: Not the topic. And words: "You provoked him first", you said it without any knowledge what has happened. Even after seeing here first screenshot, which clearly describes that he started, You say i provoked him. Ik there could be something before his text on chat, but there wasnt. There could be one more thing, You suspecting me for lying on a report there but i think u dont, u just based ur words on someones messages on dc about me and thought, he provokes all time and insults, so he should be the guy who provoked the other one in this situation.
  8. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    me? we can ask sweaq or cock, they will tell who started calling who of homosexuals, bcs bot wasnt working. And im not insulting all the time, idk where did u get it from.
  9. JagdTiger

    Dron54 provoking

    My nick: Zullolo Nick of player I'm reporting: Dron54 / Dron So he starts calling me homosexual and saying i have boyfriend, bcs me and SweaQ killed him on Shooter mode.
  10. JagdTiger

    6 months ban for nothing

    Jap already told u the reason of ban, so why u make another topic?
  11. JagdTiger

    Mix/Race map event #3

    Name: Zullolo Map: [RTF]A Great Adventure
  12. JagdTiger

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    ^That's how to trash talk.
  13. JagdTiger

    discord mute

    So, i got muted bcs i wrote this(i guess): I dont know by who, thats why im protesting here ofc. No one replied to that in game and on discord so like nothing happened, but after some time when i come back after 1 hour i cant type bcs im muted. I would like to suggest that admins or mods who mute on discord give info with mentioned ppl in their mute info, so its not a sneaky kill from behind anymore. Thanks.
  14. JagdTiger

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Camel PRO xDD
  15. JagdTiger

    GreenCoins double exchange rate!

    who wants damn steam money man? >Me
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