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  1. Dale

    unfair ban

    I played with you several times and never saw something strange. You are a good user. Suerte.
  2. Dale

    Unban please, It's been a time

    Oh thanks, I didn't realize the mistake. Good luck mate. What?
  3. Dale

    Unban please, It's been a time

    Hi, I guess they can give you a chance. We all make mistakes, and because of an argument I don't think you have to be permanently banned. Good luck mate.
  4. Dale don daleee. :devil:

    1. Dale


      Pa que se muevan la yales

  5. Dale

    Map Event

    Race: certaindeath Get Out Da Way
  6. Dale

    Please Take Care of About Them

    Wow, it looks like you want to mess Civan again. Unclear evidence, only clipped chat can be seen. If you are going to report, do it well. I add: it would not be logical for Civan to make you sad because of your age. If I'm not mistaken, Civan is the same age as you. Being younger doesn't make you more idiot.
  7. Dale

    General rank positions

    Good idea teammate!
  8. Dale

    Map Event

    Race: 5Lap 8track
  9. Dale

    Diego İnsulting and provoking

    They walk together for something... Good report. You just have to ignore him. Greetings.
  10. Dale

    Mr. Green 13th Anniversary discounts

    Great! I'm not going to miss it.
  11. Dale

    Rate the song above you!

  12. Dale

    I Wanna be Mod

    So is. As I said before, what is done is done. What you did is not forgotten with simple apologies. From what I see, you have a bad reputation, friend, you can't introduce yourself yo be mod like that.
  13. Yes! I remember the FO derby. In fact, it would be great to bring those maps here too. But as you say, you can't compare GTA cars with those over there. However, that is not very important. My idea was that they only create the maps, anyway the crashes will be. They could program that when the car is left with low DL it will no longer start and you will be disqualified. Now that I think, there are many game modes that could be implemented here. Thanks for commenting dude. Maybe someone wants to create a map like that. We'll see. Later I will make a post in the ideas section, adding images and explaining all the game modes and what we have talked about. Greetings mate.
  14. Hi, recently I was watching videos of FlatOut 2 and Test Drive Eve of Destruction, great games of my childhood and those of many here. The point is that in these racing games there are very good maps. Maps that users have not considered creating. (I am very bad at mapping and that's why I don't do it) The bad thing about this is that it will have to be programmed in some cases ... But they are great maps. What I intend to do is encourage you to create these types of maps. Or that these game modes be implemented on the server. This game is FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, basically FlatOut 2 remastered. In this case it is just mapping. They are demolition maps, where the objective of these are that the cars are completely destroyed haha. It would be crazy if this is implemented here. There are lots of maps as well. If you are interested, you can search them. Of these maps I have seen on the server, but there are no crashes like that. In this game mode on each lap they will make you take different paths. And finally, on this map there will be times where pilots will have to stop. There are more game modes as well. But those are the main and the best I found. You can investigate better and create those maps here in MTA. But there are some that need to be programmed. There is also another game similar to these, called Wreckfest. Would you like them to implement these types of maps here? What do you think about this?
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