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  1. Earnhardt

    Rate the song above you!

  2. Earnhardt

    Rate the song above you!

    it's called rate the song ABOVE you not ANY song u want
  3. Earnhardt

    [Idea] Monthly race tournament [Race/Mix/Web]

    Of course. Its a new system for the server.
  4. Contribution name: Monthly race tournament. Implementation in: Race/Mix server and in the web of Mr. Green. Description: Well, how are you all, I'm Earnhardt and I come to let you know some of the best features for the best MTA racing server. First of all, it seems strange that they have not proposed this but hey, here it goes. It should be noted that I am using the google translator to communicate with you. Monthly race tournament I will try to explain myself as well as possible. It will be a tournament that will be held monthly, as the title says. How does it work? Registered users who finish the race in the top 10 (I do not mean the top of the best times, I mean that they remain in the top 10 among all the competitors) each of them will earn a certain amount of points, the better it is Your position plus points will be taken (Suppose the winner takes 10 points, the second 9 and so on) Where will these points go? Well, somewhere in the forum or on Mr. Green's page there will be a section where you will find the table of positions of said tournament. There you will find all the users ordered (it will include the flag of your native country, the racing team you belong to, your avatar of the forum, and clearly, your number of points earned). And it will say something like this "at the end of the month the following prizes will be awarded" Certain amount of GC and certain VIP time. Certain amount of GC. Certain amount of GC. At the end of the month this table will be reset. Also in the profiles of these 3 users will say something like "winner of the tournament of a certain month". And within the game only the winner of the tournament will have for one month a badge or something that identifies it (this user will lose that badge by having another winner in the following month). Even in the leaderboards there will be a section where users with the most titles won will be found. And in another where are the teams with the most won tournaments. This will make the racing teams have a little more competition with each other to be the best. And for that they will have to recruit / buy the best pilots and expel those who contribute nothing to it (inactive, for example). The staff should also add a limit of users in each team. What measures will have to be taken before implementing this? Simple, delete bugged maps and those with lots of dislikes. What positive things will this bring to the server? More competition. Fewer users logging out for shitting it in a race. More realism in racing teams. The best drivers will be featured and possibly bought by other teams. New top in which everyone will want to appear and win those rich prizes. Nothing more to say for this idea. I will listen to opinions and if I see that they liked it I will continue with the others I have in mind. Greetings and good luck. This will bring many users and there will be more fun. And of course, more hours of play getting points in each race. Earnhardt.


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    2. ChickenAttack


      que va a ser español hahaha es ruso y sólo sabe media docena de frases xD


      felicidades por el top...creo recordar que ese mapa era la polla cuando no había gm y la mitad iba en dirección contraria jajaja

    3. jack123


      nueva españolka miamor jaja

    4. Earnhardt


      Jajaj Jack me engañó. Xd

      Gracias Chicken, un gusto conocerte. Seguramente vuelva a correr acá en Mr Green pronto. (Juego en el Race)

  6. Earnhardt

    Any ideas?

    There you have what you want to say. It would be great.
  7. Hi Im Jeff Gordon. :stop:

  8. Earnhardt

    Just take care

    Come on man! You just have to ignore him. Well, I wish you luck in whatever you do anyway. Greetings, Hitman.
  9. Earnhardt


    Yes. You need /reconnect or log in again in F6.
  10. Earnhardt

    Should all Circuit maps be Ghost Mode

    Putting GM ON takes away the flavor of the maps. There will be no tension or adrenaline when you pass the other drivers. It is what makes circuits more fun and more realistic. A good pilot knows where to get and where not. And finally a good driver knows how to dodge the lag and the others. I mean they haves to stop crying :D. Good post mate. Greetings.
  11. Earnhardt

    unfair ban

    I played with you several times and never saw something strange. You are a good user. Suerte.
  12. Earnhardt

    Unban please, It's been a time

    Oh thanks, I didn't realize the mistake. Good luck mate. What?
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