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  1. -RatMan-

    Battlefield 3 discussion

    Bought the game, totally enjoyed the multi-player so far. But at the moment origin is fucking by saying I have a incorrect password/username. I changed my password via mail and it still says it's incorrect. Steam vs Origin: 1-0
  2. -RatMan-

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Maybe because the vehicle registration plate says "SAN ANDREAS".
  3. -RatMan-

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Back to San Andreas! Hell yeah! Also, they say the guy who is telling the story is Tommy Vercetti (Main character of GTA Vice City).
  4. Happy Birthday, mister RatFreak. :)

  5. happy birthday :P

  6. -RatMan-

    Minecraft discussion

    That's just brilliant Mojang. Oh, and a hint, don't keep clicking on a product in the store. Gives you a fucking headache
  7. -RatMan-

    Clavus is now an OAP

    Congratulations bro! oh shit, need to buy a present...
  8. -RatMan-

    Mr. Green LAN May 2011

    Damn, already have something planned for those days. Groningen ftw! I live there too
  9. -RatMan-

    Scary games

    I played Thief and I can't agree with that it's very scary. Ok, the zombies let you pee your pants now and then, but that is the only thing.
  10. -RatMan-

    Scary games

    Doom 3, fear and dead space are nothing compared to the horror games I played. Especially the Penumbra/Amnesia games. Play one of those in a dark room with a headset on, and I will guarantee you will poop in your pants.
  11. -RatMan-

    Mr. Green Cinema - Season Fall 2010

    5-11 is today... I'm reading 6-11. You cheeky bastard.
  12. -RatMan-

    Mr. Green Cinema - Season Fall 2010

    5-11 is today...
  13. -RatMan-

    Minecraft discussion

    Hoooooooooooooooooooooooly shit...
  14. -RatMan-

    TF2 Mann-Conomy Update

    Then why the hell do you think VALVe has made our weapons vintage?
  15. -RatMan-

    TF2 Mann-Conomy Update

    Eeeh, no. In MW2 you can't randomly find maps. So don't compare it with MW2. EDIT: I traded my brain slug for the Rubber Glove and the Beanie
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