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  1. Heemse

    Cenation "CnT|"

    Sadly enough I don't play that much mta. But I can be cnt on ets? Hahaha xd
  2. Heemse

    The career of Heemse.

    Feel free to, thanks for having me in MrGreen Logistics!
  3. Heemse

    The career of Heemse.

    From today on, I'm part of Green Trucking, This means, you can see me driving from now on with this truck, and the tag MrGreen Logistics
  4. Good day fellow Truckers, Today 13th of Oktober I decided to leave my current VTC named Pries Logistics. I'm sure I won't regret my decision since when I met Cena it looks like we're on the same page. I'm playing on TruckersMP since 12th November of 2014. So I do have some experience within the Trucking Community, you might have noticed that we also started using VTLog it is a logger I've been using for ages. And I really do like it.. So I really appreciate that Cena started using it too. I'm looking forward towards maybe joining Mr Green Logistics. And will put all of my effort into making some statistics. Hope to see you all sometimes on the road. In this topic I will post my screenshots and my videos that I upload on my YouTube channel. Hope you guys like this idea and will I see you next time? Lbye bye
  5. Heemse

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    Well we can arrange something for sure.
  6. Lovely to see this topic around. Thanksss!
  7. Heemse

    ETS2 Screenshot Thread

    This is just redicilous. Changed the skin back to white. Went to the office of Pries Logistics and announced my departure. Will Green Logistics be my next stop?
  8. Heemse

    Mr. Green Trucking

    After 2 years it is time to update some stuff haha
  9. Dankjewel voor het volgen! 

    1. race


      Geen Probleem :)

  10. Thanks for the follow much appreciated 

  11. Thanks for the warm welcome all xx

  12. Heemse

    Mr. Green Trucking Convoy

    Lovely to see you guys growing. See ya for sure around the map Ingame.
  13. Heemse

    Introduction Heemse

    Thank you - Im sure I will. Dankjewell!
  14. Heemse

    Introduction Heemse

    Good day all. Well I'm new around here and currently on my phone. I've been playing on TruckersMP since 2014. And before and some during that I've played for many years gta sa. I'm from the Netherlands.. And looking forward meeting some buddies Ingame on mta and do some convoys on TruckersMP. See ya laterzzz
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