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  1. ToxicGarbage

    Appeal to players

    https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/121252-unban-appeal/ Sry guys
  2. ToxicGarbage

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    My suggestion, forget about this community, it's corrupted and dying
  3. ToxicGarbage

    The future of ZS in general

    Damn, just curious how life can replace computer games. Sounds absolutely mental for me -AleksCore
  4. ToxicGarbage


  5. ToxicGarbage


    As I said - goodbye Sorry for investing my time into this community
  6. ToxicGarbage


    Put it this way by keeping me banned you don't help the servers have less "timed outs" I don't regret DDoS, I only regret that I wasn't anonymous while doing it
  7. ToxicGarbage


    Goodbye guys. Add me in steam who wants, I am not going to be unbanned in MTA any soon so unban on mr green now doesn't matter. Seems like MTA rejects me like a cancer cells. What an irony as MTA was a big part of my life. Goodbye
  8. ToxicGarbage


    1. Your ingame name AleksCore. 2. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why) DDoS, abusing admin rights, insulting. 3. Reason why we should unban you Because why not? It's almost year since I am banned if not more. I admit my guilt I did some fucked up things but I am not like a "problem guy" to "sit in a virtual prison". I lost my reputation between players and on forums, most likely lost my account, I just want to be able to visit this community I've been a big part of from time to time. Serial: CF0BF665ECDDDE5FF7AB2C445D7C1394
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