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  1. helloCREEP

    Unban Me :D

    1. In-game Name: helloCREEP 2. Date of Ban: 20th April 2020 3. Got Banned on all the servers. 4. I don't know who banned me. 5. Got banned for calling someone Jihadi because he crashed his car into me in that rocket firing mode. 6. Reason is because all the other MTA servers are absolute garbage. 8. Serial: 97BE2033D7A685DBF0E83F6382C40FB2 Thanks.
  2. helloCREEP

    Unfair Mute by Sandro

    I don't give a damn lol. I got a permanent banned a few days ago as someone got triggered when I called a Kmzer in SH a 'Jihadi'.
  3. helloCREEP

    Unfair Mute by Sandro

    This Weedsaurus or whatever this annoying kid's name is keeps provoking me even when I never talk to him, his soyboy friend Sandro muted me for responding to that weed guy calling me 'Gay'. The reason was that I 'insulted' the family, which I did not really. I just said "Your mother", and later added "is a very good person". How is that even an insult compared to what the Weed kid said earlier? I have screeshot the conversation from the Discord Server. I don't want anyone to be muted or banned, but these mutes over dumb reasons annoy me.
  4. helloCREEP

    Lets see who are the real racist

    My comments were a response to that Panzer kid continuously calling me a 'cow-worshiper' for an entire week last month. I did not want to make a big deal out of it so I did not take the Screenshots. I did get muted by Stig for one day after those comments. I do have Screenshots of that kid harassing me on Discord through calls
  5. helloCREEP

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    MR no.1!
  6. helloCREEP

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    I am in the tournament! Yey!
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