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  1. AleksCore123

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Good pokemon. Good luck
  2. AleksCore123

    let rammers get punished.

    Best comment here. Hello to real oldfags
  3. AleksCore123

    [Poll] CoreMarkers Magnet

    7 seconds done
  4. AleksCore123


    It's my second account
  5. AleksCore123

    Mod application

    Good luck! You are one of my favorite pokemons!
  6. AleksCore123

    Core Markers

    Just wait for the next update Chances to get toptimes will be increased a lot. CoreMarkers never was finished, it's like beta version, alpha. So you are beta tester Everything yet will be changed many times. Without experiments I will not find out what is good and no one really helps.
  7. AleksCore123

    Core Markers

    I am returned so now I am accepting literally ANY suggestions on CoreMarkers (of course if I like it as it's my coremarkers). Also work on another big update (inclduing new items and fixes) is already in progress. Sounds good, but would be cool to know more details about it. How I imagine it: Shield for ~10s which gives you protection from all kinds of damage and protection from Magnet. Sounds interesting, thanks for suggestion! @DzinyMaster
  8. Nice mop u got there alice does the carpet match the drapes

  9. AleksCore123


    Merry Zombie X-mas xd
  10. AleksCore123

    Show your car

    You can see temporary reg plate inside of the car on the photo, currently I have normal metal plates. It takes time here to get them. (photo bit old)
  11. AleksCore123

    Show your car

    VW Vento/Polo Sedan 1.4 TSI 125 hp 6MT 2019 0-100 km/h 9s stock
  12. AleksCore123

    Free Games/Good deals on Steam/Origin/Uplay/PS/Xbox/Etc.

    Zombie Driver HD http://store.steampowered.com/app/220820/Zombie_Driver_HD/ Free game in Steam
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