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    AleksCore123 reacted to WaffleCopter in Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition public demo ! [20/11/20 - 22/11/20]   
    It's been 10 years god damn I wonder if there will be a level up system, points for resupply/gun crates and unlockables
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    AleksCore123 reacted to SOUR in Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition public demo ! [20/11/20 - 22/11/20]   
    For this Demo we are just testing how the gameplay runs and the server, we will have 2 servers eventually with one of them the good ol ZS version with no cading, and the other version with Cading/boss/gun crate
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    AleksCore123 reacted to AfuSensi in Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests   
    Your username is invalid.
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    AleksCore123 reacted to VTraxx in Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests   
    - added
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Chikennugget1 in Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition   
    Update as of today (27/10/20) :
    - Options menu is finished and functionnal
    - Added some post-processing options (film grain, motion blur, color mod) that you can enable/disable in options menu
    - First person death camera added when you die
    - Player Data saving is implemented (your kills, redeems, propkills etc are saved )
    - Zombie animations are fixed (thanks @WarlikeCracker btw)
    - Headcrab animations fixing are in progress
    - Chem zombie is done, but the animations need a fix too
    The next things I'll have to finish in order to have a functionnal game are :
    - Animations
    - Score screen with real data (coming soon)
    - Remaining zombie classes and fixing their animations (which is the hardest part, thanks to the unclear documentation on the Gmod Wiki )
    I also had a small "demo" with Warlike and Psychopeti. The main issues that have arised from this are weapon animations which are laggy, zombie animations and some props that don't play effects when they are broken.
    I'll try to make a video to show some of the progress soon !
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Reiska in Pictures of thyself   
    Me in moominworld, yes, im still alive.
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Duby in Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition   
    Looks cool, I did always prefer the small maps with an arcade feeling instead of the large maps.
    Guns for Kills was always a good system but you may need to make it obvious on the game load screen otherwise new players will just ask where the crate is all the time.
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Chikennugget1 in Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition   
    Hi fellow Greenies ! 
    You may know it, but Lejorah and Lucker are working on a new version of ZS which is a continuity of the 2012 Mr Green ZS.
    On my side, I've been working on another project too !
    Thanks to Deluvas (RIP mate), I had access to the 2010 version of ZS. From there, I have been working on a complete re-coding of a 2008-2009-styled Zombie Survival :
    Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition
     by Mr.Green
    This is a work-in-progress project, so it isn't finished as of today (18/09/20), but you can find below some information and a first small gameplay footage (don't mind the AI players, they're dumb ).
    What makes ZS:RE different from the current Zombie Survival forks ?
    For a long time, ZS has turned from a timer-based game to a wave-based one.
    Also, cading has taken a proeminent role. Players basically had to make the best barricade possible and survive 6 waves of enemies. They had to buy guns through a shop or crates. Zombie classes were unlocked at each wave.
    I'm not saying that this is a bad mod or anything, but I have always dreamed of replaying the ZS we had around 2008-2009. The one that felt easier, had a faster pace and felt like an arcade game.
    A game of Redeemed Edition runs like the ones you could play around 2008-2009 : You spawn as a human, you have to survive for 20 mins and you get new guns by killing zombies.
    Someone is chosen to be a zombie and from there starts the game
    Barricading still exists, but it's a minor aspect. You're encouraged to run and gun when possible
    Zombie classes are unlocked through infliction. That means that if a % of players has been killed at some time, new classes are available for use.
    How many zombie classes are there ?
    There are 8 classes that you can play : Zombie, Headcrab, Fast Headcrab, Wraith, Fast Zombie, Poison Headcrab, Poison Zombie, Chem Zombie.
    I don't plan to add new classes in the near future, but maybe variations of existing classes.
    How do I get new weapons ?
    As a human, you get new weapons by killing zombies. Just like the good old time
    You start with a pistol (USP-45 / P-228) and a melee weapon (knife/crowbar).
    Each X kills you are a granted a new weapon, which is more powerful than the previous one you had.
    You keep all the weapons you have, and you can also pick up the ones left by your dead teammates.
    How does redeeming works ?
    As a zombie, after killing 8 humans (or 6 with the Fast Redeem upgrade) you can either redeem automatically or by pressing F2. You can choose if you want to enable the auto-redeem in the options.
    Will there be things to unlock ?
    For now, this isn't implemented but I'm planning to add in-game achievements to unlock (original ones that were here 10 years ago + new ones).
    I'd also like to add titles tied to these achievements and maybe nameplates or player icons that you can get in a similar fashion.
    Ultimately, I'd also like to add unlockable skins for zombies but this is just an idea at the moment, nothing has been decided yet.
    Will there be a Green Shop ?
    Yes. You will be able to buy hats, upgrades, and - given that I have implemented them - namesplates/player icons.
    Can I propkill humans ? 😆
    Yes, you can throw tires / plastic cans / whatever at humans and get some easy brains
    When will ZS : RE be available ?
    I can't give you a release date yet, because there are still some stuff to do. For now the game is playable-ish but is missing some key features, a backend, and needs some fixes regarding animations.
    I'm hoping to release an alpha/demo at the end of october, but this isn't a guaranteed date. I can't work at full-time on this due to IRL work.
    I will post updates in this thread when I have some news to give, so stay tuned !
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Matoosh in Retun miss DL & MH at Random map   
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Mekuar in Who's still playing L4D2?   
    Me too
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    AleksCore123 got a reaction from Mekuar in Who's still playing L4D2?   
    but I am your friend @BoyKa
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    AleksCore123 got a reaction from BoyKa in Who's still playing L4D2?   
    but I am your friend @BoyKa
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    AleksCore123 reacted to BoyKa in Who's still playing L4D2?   
    I have it installed but i dont have friends to play with .. 
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Psychopeti (HUN) in Mr. Green Zombie Survival   
    if it's good i'll be back!

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    AleksCore123 reacted to Gonzalezo in V4POR (Patya) Blocker   
    Are you abuse admin rules?
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Gonzalezo in V4POR (Patya) Blocker   
    I dont know what he train but.. He ruined my race
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Hazy in Shooter Sunday   
    Shooter Sunday Pt II
    Dear Legends,

    This Sunday we will host the second part of the mini event ShooterSunday.
    Same event, same rules, other maps.

    Date : 03-05-2019
    Time : 20.00 Click Here to convert to local time

    Maps to be played :


    You can register the same way as before.
    Reply in this topic with your name and preference for super- or megajump.
    Example : Haze, Megajump

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    AleksCore123 reacted to Knul in How is everybody doing?   
    Mr. Green, my favorite server from way back in the days.
    I know this probably does not fit in this forum, but what can I do wrong with it?
    This quarantine got me bored as hell so I'm playing this game for hours again. You probably don't remember me at all.
    I have one thing to say though: Admins can y'all please tell me how the hell I close my achievements window when I press F1? There is no close button.
    Oh and why are my top times gone from like 2012-2014?
    Sad to see I do not see any players from back in the day, it's been four years since I've played and damn I felt nostalgia!
    I was wondering if there are still any 'OGs' from back then, or did y'all grow and have kids now? xD
    Stay safe and do not get contaminated please
    See you in the RACE Server
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    AleksCore123 reacted to andrex97 in [POLL] AXSGARAGE - Livery tutorial in Photoshop CC2020   
    AXSGARAGE ʳᵃᶜᵉ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᶦᵛᶦᵗʸ
    inѕtαgrαm: axsgarage
    fαcєвσσk: axsgarage
    diѕcσrd: axsgarage #7804
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    AleksCore123 reacted to mr.reese in Pictures of thyself   

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    AleksCore123 reacted to invalid-user in Screenshot + Video Thread   
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    AleksCore123 reacted to HardVadr in let rammers get punished.   
    There is only one guy who needs to get punished for ramming and that's Kash 
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    AleksCore123 reacted to invalid-user in Mekuar's Admin Application   
    youre fake 
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Pokemoon in Mekuar's Admin Application   
    why he is pokemoon ? im real pokemoon
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    AleksCore123 reacted to Mekuar in Mekuar's Admin Application   
    Thanks Aleks & Sandy
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