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  1. francisbaud

    A new MMORPG

    Anyone is playing Crowfall? It's an upcoming medieval MMORPG that is expected to release this year. With its emphasis on PvP, players can expect massive siege wars, ambushes and structure destruction. In Crowfall, there are two types of worlds: the campaigns, that players fight over to win and that have different sets of rules and unique maps, and the Eternal Kingdoms where we can build grandiose cities, social hubs and markets. Beta should begin this year and anyone who registers can participate to it. Here's a video showing the game :
  2. francisbaud

    Dark style of MRG forum

    Good job on the dark theme! I've a program called Dark Reader that switch any page to a dark theme. Pretty useful
  3. francisbaud

    What girl do you fancy?

  4. francisbaud

    What are you think about antivirus?

    I use AVG, the free version, but my preferred one is Kaspersky, a very efficient tool.
  5. francisbaud

    Which country are you from?

    From Canada, Québec. Bonjour!
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