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  1. Welcome to my status update




  2. riversbox

    Post your favorite hobbies!

    Despite the routine of work, sleep and repeat many of us go through, I'm sure we all have a hobby or two that we enjoy putting time into. I have two hobbies that take up most of my time outside of work and college: 1. Filmmaking 2. Astronomy I've been making comedy sketches with friends and family since childhood and still do today, it's actually what I'm attending college for. I also love astronomy and learning about the environment outside of our immediate planetary systems and the endless possibilities/secrets they hold. What are your favorite hobbies?
  3. riversbox

    Story of your avatar

    Well my avatar at the time of writing this is Double D from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy. I chose Double D because I let my hair grow during covid and wear a beanie to control the growing mass lol. Looking at it's size, it's probably gained sentience by now.
  4. riversbox

    What was the first game you played?

    First game I ever played was Doom 3 on my Xbox back in 3rd grade. My brother was visiting from college and decided to have my try it out. I've been gaming ever since.
  5. riversbox

    funny videos

    Hopefully this isn't breaking ToS lol. say my name jesse, am I your pog champ.mp4
  6. riversbox

    What's the best zombie survival game?

    Don't tell me that I was so hyped for Dead Matter, but was waiting until I got a better pc. Now I have to look up what happened and be sad about it lmao.
  7. riversbox

    What's the best zombie survival game?

    Not a lot of wave/timer based Z survival games out there, these are the best I can think of: Killing Floor series is pretty satisfying. It has waves of mutated monsters and a boss at the end. It also has slow motion kill effects, it's pretty cool. Can be played single-player or multi-player. Probably the closest to gmod zs there is. No More Room in Hell is a source mod survival game where you're thrown into a Z infested city and have to weave through streets, alleys and buildings to find a way out. Single-player or multi-player World War Z is a game based in the universe of the
  8. As it vanishes with a distant echo I am hit with instant depression


  9. riversbox

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in?

    The canal gets unblocked and now everything works.
  10. riversbox

    Suggestions for Mr.Green community

    As far as other games to potentially branch into, maybe some of the newer popular ones that offer server hosting? Valheim is wildly popular and its playerbase is still skyrocketing. Minecraft seems to be gaining popularity again as well, mainly the super modded worlds, but it might be a viable candidate for new Green content. Then there's Team Fortress 2, many years old but still averaging 112k concurrent players.
  11. Manic and bored so I made a simple icon for ZS, because why not? 


  12. riversbox

    GCs payment update

    Just turn GreenCoins into a crypto currency and watch people throw money into it hoping to sell the spike for wealth.
  13. Hope you're doing alright my man!

    Napoleon Dynamite Hello GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

  14. Bill Murray Im Here GIF by Groundhog Day

    Be me back in junior high, waking up at like 10am on a snowy day and remembering it's a weekend. I'm caught up on homework and no chores need to be done yet. Time to open Gmod and pour hours into a nice.... variety of game modes.    


    ************************************ WICKED NOSTALGIA DUMP ************************************







    I've got snacks on my desk, maybe even some hot cocoa. Time to feed that ZS addiction.

    working tim and eric GIF

  15. riversbox

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    me when Redeemed Edition is released: 0
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