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    Respect ... make Friends .... have fun .... protect .... fair ..... and most important self respect :)


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  1. Stig


    i reported that problem to the admins yesterday no answer
  2. Stig


    well good thing you show me the Tab menu i see he in cp 15 and you in cp 108 and hes ramming you so that count as blocking / ruin game play in other meaning hes not racing he just ram/block/ruin game play i will mark him blocker for 6 hours
  3. Stig

    Witcher Moderator Application

    good luck witchy
  4. Stig

    Mercury Mod Application

    good luck merc
  5. Stig

    Anthony~Vz's Mod Application

    good luck anthony
  6. Stig

    Mariana insult me

    i let admins in race take action mybe she have history i dont know about it .....
  7. Stig

    BoNd's Moderator Application

    good luck bondy
  8. Stig

    Mod application

    shes cute give her manager !
  9. Stig

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    it was fun realy and you did great job Cena and anyone who help you
  10. Gday Stig how are you?

  11. Stig

    xFounder İnsulting EveryTime

    i dont speak turkey so you better add him to /ignore