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  1. Admin abuse

    lol I'm not the one who said that read it In fourms I just copy it
  2. Admin abuse

    don't worry flo I can defend myself ^^ I'm just doing my job I did nothing wrong
  3. Admin abuse

    Members are only allowed to reply to topics when they are involved. Your warn level will be increased if you do not comply.
  4. Admin abuse

    lol he don't know how to praintscreen
  5. Admin abuse

    sorry first ban I was think its sandy so I removed it but 2nd ban for sandy is cus he keep provoking me thanx for the pics btw that proof my ban he keep lolling at me after I told him never talk to me and after I told him to stop lolling at me and jack was online read everything
  6. Are admins allowed to mute 10 seconds?

    yes they are allowed and they don't need proof mybe hes using you like a testing mouse
  7. Insulting again

    I ask him if he got proof if someone provoking him he don't have it banned for 3 days
  8. Insults KASH (always the same)

    if you got proof he provoke you post it and defend yourself before admin take action
  9. Insults KASH (always the same)

    pic don't open to me for some reason wait for other admin to check it

    1. AleksCore


      only sad reacts for this, but I can't find how to sad react here

    2. Stig


      too lazy to click on it

  11. nice pic change :) celebrate ff7!

    1. Maher


      Final fantasy 7, yeah nice pic

    2. Stig


      thank you  :popcorn:


  12. Racism

    I give him a warning he said hes joking if he do it again tell me
  13. (Report) Mta mix server blocker

    marked as blocker for 24 hours ..... LOCKED