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  1. Stig

    DD Tournament.

    MR|Stig Deathisland
  2. Stig

    again same guys blocking

    from the pics i dont see sandy blocking cus hes racing (close postion) with you but peki is 100% blocking i will mark him blocker when he come online ..... i will close the post after i mark him
  3. Stig

    Fake Kreator report.

    i only ask them to change his nickname if someone reported or asked me cus most of them dont mind so if Keator dont mind its ok
  4. Stig


    i realy dont know who are you must be in race so no comment
  5. Stig

    mod/admin app

    lol no
  6. welcome to my ramming world stigy...learn how to mark players blockers..

  7. Flo


  8. Stig

    Please Take Care of About Them

    Members are only allowed to reply to topics when they are involved.Your warn level will be increased if you do not comply.
  9. why i cant connect

    why u muted me 2h

    why u dont mute chiken when he said am black guy who come from a shity butt

    are u serious

    1. Stig


      lol i thought you guys love each other

    2. Stig


      you job ?

  10. Stig



  11. eN1x

    98 Flow


    1. eN1x



  12. Stig

    Random Foliage

    lol no it will be not fair for players who have good PC
  13. Stig

    Unban Request

    lol no
  14. Stig

    Insult nationality

    hes insulting yes but i leave this for race admins cus they know player history ....
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