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  1. Cena starts as MTA Manager

    grats Cena
  2. Admin report

    why dont show the rest of the warnning before i muted you you keep provoking me and then i muted you if you guys dont have proof stop wasting everyone time
  3. Admin report

    who said im not going to do anything i told him to post a report with proof and any admin will help you me or any other admin now stop none sense talk
  4. Admin report

    why this post not locked yet cena you already muted them all ?
  5. Admin report

    i dont say lazy that was longtime chat btween me and sandy hes trying to make me lose my admin too and im realy sad too read that maher i was think you are my friend
  6. Admin report

    im just im so sad to see maina with him i was think hes my friend
  7. Admin report

    nah he just want to remove my admin cus he lost his admin cus i reported him he even told me he willl tell goldy to kick me from kom lol he just searching for any reason to revange
  8. Admin report

    i said that to shut you up sandy ... anyway i dont belive rock i want him to take screen shot nxet time i can type what he paste ..... next time post a report mybe he will defend himself ... steam not the way to report and idont say anything wrong im not the only admin online im tierd and i was going to sleep cena and neo was online too but away
  9. Admin report

    lol maina from the gang too goodnight everyone
  10. Dear Admins

    what going on I don't understand ?
  11. #HadroN

    I muted him for 2 days ..... locked
  12. #HadroN

    keep the ban in last resort
  13. Forum logo

    yes Ywa this topic not good
  14. BlueYoshi97 retires as Manager

    thank you Yoshi for everything
  15. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    good luck little danniii