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    Respect ... make Friends .... have fun .... protect .... fair ..... and most important self respect :)


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  1. hi stig ana zack


  2. VlastelinPizdec

    mybe jack can help @jack123
  3. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    NTS Never The Same MIX server
  4. PeGuX MapAssistant Aplication

    good luck
  5. Screenshot + Video Thread

    sell his email to spam company
  6. New reaction types

    i say we better put more serious reacts like vote up vote down and like and dislike
  7. Adressing the ABUSE in Mr.Green

    lol angry ?? why dont you show them the chat history ?
  8. cheated tops

    there is many cheaters in mix too i reported them longtime ago no one care
  9. GUI being dont well displayed

    lol my PC same my phone too 1920X1080 but 24"
  10. GUI being dont well displayed

    LOL !! my iPhone Plus is 1920X1080 5.5"
  11. Flo Manager Application!